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The Body Lives in Me OR I Live in the Body?

(Spiritual Retreat at SISS – 5TH to 7th Nov’22)

Noida - NCR

Hari Aum!

Sree Ishwar Maha Abhishekam at SISS, Noida this year was preceded by a 3-day Retreat which began on 5th November. This time the Retreat schedule included Sree Adi Shankaracharya ji’s ‘Maneesha Panchakam’ - a five-fold declaration of faith and conviction. The grace of Guru Parampara intensified when HH Maa Purnananda Saraswati expounded the highest declarations of Vedanta - the Four Great Commandments (Mahavakyas).

Commencing with the definition of Reality - ‘Prajnanam Brahma’ (Consciousness is Brahman), Maa ji elaborated that Consciousness when non-tangible, It is Pure Awareness. Because of my delusion, I am seeing the illusion (i.e. the reflection) and not the Reality. Reflection is non-existent. It exists due to the reflecting surface (my chitta). Reflecting surface comes through my delusion. Delusion (Maya) is actually not there. One can experience the effects of Maya, but not Maya. Target of seeker should therefore be the ‘Changeless’ otherwise all is further expansion of falsehood. Maa ji however cautioned that falsehood has to maintain its own discipline. Knowing that conditionings are transient, maintain the discipline of conditionings.

In midst of the elevating discourses by Maa ji, participants from Aurangabad, Dubai and NCR study circle got the opportunity to perform Sree Guru Paduka Puja and Sree Guru Paad Puja during the Retreat.

Gurudev says ‘He is the sacred one who has realised that the body lives in him, he does not live in the body!’

Sree Ishwara Maha Abhishekam on 8th November was preceded by an elaborate Puja /Yagnya led by Sri Chaitanya ji.

Following day, a blessed group along-with Maa ji and Chaitanya ji left for Uttarkashi/Gangotri and had the holy dip at Gangotri.

With humble prostrations at the lotus Feet of Sree Guru Parampara.

Hari Aum!