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Love evolves!

Hari Aum,

I bow down to Gurumaa who has showered Her "Kripa" in the form of 'Love' on the Yuva Satya children and their parents.

We are thankful to Manish ji who made it possible for us to listen to our inner voice (Maa's divine message ) very clearly.  

Maa's golden words encompassed the various aspects of love from  "Sneha to Shraddha " !

Maa pointed out that we as parents should introspect as to why the present day children want to remain among their friends and give more importance to them than to parents. 

Then only we can raise our inner confidence when they open up to us without fear and listen to us properly. Then only can we guide them in the right direction and only then will Bhakti grow in the family. 

Faithful love is Bhakti which is free from doubts to attain love for Ishwara, Sadguru and the Guruparampara to evolve ourselves. 

Shraddha (proper understanding at the intellectual level) with complete surrender is the love for Ultimate Reality. 

The Question and Answer Session with Maa was a real eye opener where we were able to clear our doubts.

She also examined beautifully how we need to interact with the world in any difficult situation with the understanding of the different types of love and how we rise above to have pure love equally.

Maaji also instructed to do sadhana in the form of reading and learning from scriptures.


Uma Maheshwari

Dandvat Pranaams to Maa,

Hari Aum Manish ji,

It was really nice to attend Talk for parents online.

Though not in person, Maa’s voice and answering questions personally was fulfilling. We are trying to be regular in reading the scriptures but this interaction definitely brings more commitment, for it provides broader viewpoint. Talks by the Guru highlights the points we tend to forget because we are so much entangled in our daily activities, duties and pleasures of life. Maa’s talks, has always made us aware about our ultimate goal of human life: Self Realization. When we focus on broader perspectives it helps us in diluting the hard impressions on our minds, which is again false and unnecessary

Our heartfelt prostrations to Maa
Really missing on the synergy of weekly study classes. More sessions like the one we had last week, with various topics would be really helpful.

Hari Aum

Alpa Dani.