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Quieter the Mind; Sharper the Intellect!

Dubai – U.A.E

Hari Aum & Humble Pranaam!!

My heartfelt gratitude to Pujya Guru Maa Purnanandaji for blessing us with these monthly online Call Talks. I am extremely thankful to Manish ji for his continuous efforts for giving us the opportunity to learn though these life giving sessions.

In today’s Call Talk, “An Ingenious Intellect or A Mischievous Mind!!!”, Maaji gracefully blessed all of us on the occasion of our Country’s Republic Day, reminding us of our glorious roots. Maaji invigorated and brought to life the often addressed ‘Jay Hind’ which led me to think deeper, to want to develop a sharper intellect by quietening my mind.

J: Jigyasa (जिज्ञासा): - Inquisitiveness to listen, read and think about Spirituality, else I will remain a common man, and will just not be able tune up my mischievous mind to the Higher.

A: Abhayam (अभयम्): - In this chaotic world, we are generally very scared of speaking the truth and behaving in a righteous way. So once the purpose of life is known, then I need to turn my intellect in a productive way and develop fearlessness.

Y: Yagnyabhaav (यज्ञभाव): – Sacrificial attitude has to develop or else I will not be able to give up my likes and dislikes, attachments and aversions.

H: Hreeh (ह्रीः): – It means Modesty. Sacrifice cannot be possible if I am not modest. So I will have to give up my ignoble acts, give up my desires, my aggressions and indulgences to practice modesty, which is of utmost importance to be on this Spiritual Journey.

I: Ishwara Pranidhaan (ईश्वर प्रणिधान): - Taking refuge and surrendering at the Lotus Feet of Sree Ishwara, who is the Almighty, the Supreme Power.

N: Nisangatvam (निस्सङ्गत्वं): - It means Detachment. I will have to practice sufficient detachment from things and beings, which are not conducive to transform the mind towards the Higher.

D: Divya Anu Sandhaan ( दिव्य अनुसंधान) :- Study of scriptures with focus on Divinity, to tune up the mind to attain an ingenious intellect. Only then Divya Anu Sandhaan is possible, otherwise there won’t be any depth in my Spiritual Journey.

That’s how Jay Hind was explained by Pujya Maaji, the very important aspect of Mind & Intellect Equipment to remember these qualities throughout. Then Maaji took us through the four aspects of Antahakaran: Mann, Buddhi, Chitt & Ahankaar. Mann & Chitt go together because Chitt is the store house of past thoughts and Mind is the flow of those thoughts. Chitt is important, because it reflects the thoughts that surface on the basis of the content it holds. Mann is always in sankalp / vikalp. It is a continuous process and this makes the mind mischievous throughout, because it keeps on changing. Therefore, there is always confusion in our lives. And surprisingly, we keep on entreating the mind, but we need to put in corrective efforts to transcend and quieten the mind. Buddhi and Ahankaar go together. The quality of Ahankara depends on the quality of Buddhi. Ahankaar is the inherent tendency - the combination of Gunas that I have accepted and having attached to them, I act in I-ness and my-ness. So from Scriptural point of view, instead of ingenious, it has become contaminated!

As per the Scriptures, what is Intellect? It is “Vivek” – Nishchayaatmika Buddhi, which takes decisions, on the basis of discrimination between the Real & Unreal. Discriminating and taking a decision without getting carried away on the basis of Real will be called ingenious intellect, which is sharper intellect. The one who has got clarity & purity of mind will be able to cultivate that Vivek Shakti.

Maaji took us through Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta Shlokas, where in Bhagwan has advised us on how to transform this mischievous mind, due to I-ness and my-ness. Bhagwan says that if we really want to progress as human beings then we need to practice this –

मय्येव मन आधत्स्व मयि बुद्धिं निवेशय ।
निवसिष्यसि मय्येव अत ऊर्ध्वं न संशयः !!

Bhagwan says that doubtlessly we will progress, but conditions apply*
“You steady your mind in Me, and you invest your intellect in Me, then definitely you will progress towards Me!”

Our mind is so mischievous and unsettled, extroverted and contaminated all the time, that how can we quieten and steady it? This can be achieved with a strong and steady belief in Him, that will transform our own mind with proper understanding of the purpose of this human life as a devotee. When once we have the mind on proper track, then only we can cultivate Vivek Shakti. Once the flow of thoughts are channelized properly, Vivek, the power of discrimination helps to progress on the path of Spiritualty, awakening to the HIGHER!!!

I am indeed blessed to be a part of the Bharatiya Sanskriti, grateful to our Guru Parampara to be able to learn the Scriptural texts under the guidance of Pujya Maaji, who is the driving force for me, to be able to learn and practice aptly under the Holy Shelter.

Hari Aum,