Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

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YEAR 2022

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Devi Stuti


My humble prostrations at the Lotus Feet of Guru Maa. 

Like every year, this year too we had the opportunity to offer Devi Puja at SISS. 

The day started with our morning Study circle class. We are now reading and reflecting upon chapter seven of Sreemad Bhagwad Geeta. After every class a self-elevating message is read out and explained by Guru Maa. This is followed by a sumptuous breakfast prasad. We are fortunate to get the opportunity to clear our doubts with Maa ji and Manish ji and are grateful for their valuable time post breakfast. 

Today being Chaturthi Navratri, we performed Sree Mahalakshmi Puja. First we offered prayers and arati at Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple. Then after welcoming Maa ji with Purna Kumbh, Shodashopchaar Puja was performed. It is always an elating experience to offer Puja at Sadguru Sharanam. 

Humble prostrations at the Holy Feet of Sree Guru Parampara. Blessed to be under shelter of Maa ji. 

Hari Aum!