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Pablo…. A Divine Soul!

Hari Aum!

My Pranams to Sree Ishwara, Maa and Chaitanya ji!

Pablo's shedding his mortal coil is extremely saddening to my entire family.

Death is inevitable, but somehow, I am unable to get over the fact that we will not see Pablo welcoming each and every one of us entering the pristine SISS premises.

He was loving to one and all!  

Whenever I saw him, I could see a beautiful calf in his form nurturing the whole of SISS.

He taught me how one must be calm, the way he used to sit patiently near Maa, listen to Her instructions and obeyed Her.

He taught me how to enjoy life rolling and running with Chaitanya ji and others in the Brahm Udyan.

He taught me how to be stoic when he was not too well. 

He taught me to enjoy the present in the company of devotees and Satsang.

Sometimes I felt he was detached from the world and immersed in Divinity.

He assumed different roles- friend, companion, sibling, teacher and many more!

It is Divine Grace that we all could get his company and feel his love intensely.

I am very blessed and grateful to Maa and Chaitanya ji that I could spend some time with 'Pablo' and learn so much from his presence.

My wholehearted dhanyavaad to the entire SISS family (including Raju, Dhannu and all others) who really took care of our " Precious, Priceless, Peaceful  Pablo". 

We all will miss his presence physically in SISS, He has attained the Lotus Feet of Sree Ishwara and the Grace of the Sadgurus and has made a permanent place in our hearts with his Pure Love.

Aum Shantih!

Uma Maheshwari