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Discover Yourself with the Culmination of Head & Heart

Heartfelt Pranaam at the Lotus Feet of Mataji!

On the auspicious day of ‘Akshay Tritiya,’ we had a wonderful opportunity to listen to a Talk by Mataji on the topic “Bridging Head and Heart". Akshay Tritiya has a lot of significance for everyone, and specially for a seeker, as the name signifies ‘Unending Prosperity’. This day marks a lot of important events; one being Lord Krishna presenting Akshay Patra to Draupadi, when they were in exile and blessed her by saying, the bowl will produce unlimited food and will never leave them hungry. So, on this day Lord Krishna has put all the responsibility on the seeker as what he wants to sustain upon – food/ wealth/ Atman?

Generally, we understand Head to be a physical part of the body and Heart a pumping station, a life supporting organ. In Spiritual terminology Head and Heart have a different meaning. Gurudev always gave importance to Head, that is Buddhi. In the 18th chapter of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Lord Krishna explains three types of Buddhi –

Sattvik Buddhi - is the one which tells us what type of work is to be done and what type of work is to be renounced. It distinguishes Righteousness from unrighteousness and knows what is to be feared and what is to be faced fearlessly!

Raajasik Buddhi - where understanding cannot reach right judgments, because it is invariably coloured by its own preconceived notions and powerful likes and dislikes. The third being,

Taamasik Buddhi – which brings sorrow to everyone, including the individual himself. 

Only the Sattvik Buddhi, along with the compassionate Heart can be the seat of God.

"ईश्वर: सर्वभूतानां हृद्देशेऽर्जुन तिष्ठति |
भ्रामयन्सर्वभूतानि यन्त्रारूढानि मायया ||

Sree Adi Shankaracharyaji in ‘Kaivalya Upanishad’ spoke about the pure Heart.

We have to meditate in a place, clean and pure, resting in a comfortable posture,

with head, neck and body held erect in one line, in a mental attitude of

Sannyas, having controlled all the senses, saluting ones’ own Teacher

mentally with reverence, meditate within the lotus of the Heart (on Brahman), the Untainted, the Pure. This Heart is not restrained to one individual body. The purpose of human life is to get back to Ones’ own True Self. Our Head should govern while we deal with ourselves and Heart when we deal with others. This beautiful culmination of Head and Heart will help the seeker to find his True Self which is the Auspiciousness in him.

Sudha Bazaz

In this session of ‘Bridging Head and Heart,’ there was a beautiful culmination of Head merging into the Heart with sensibility and sincerity; both working in tandem to get back to our True Self. Our heart is a lotus seat of Lord Shiva. When we make our Intellect sharp and pure, then our Mind-Intellect equipment will merge and a lotus Heart will emerge with all the Virtues. This can happen when our senses withdraw from worldliness and its’ disturbances and be of service to the Higher. Then the Intellect will blossom into the Heart where only Shiva is seen, and the One and Only Truth comes forth.

Scriptures tell us time and again to use our Mind-Intellect equipment and find true philosophy of Religion and Religious activities. It guides us not to become emotional and follow emotionalism. Compassionate part is forgotten! Learning, practice and implementation of what we learn from Scriptures and our Guru can bridge the gap between our Head and Heart for sure.

Mamta Bagla

Maa’s Vision and My Interpretation

As all the other topics, “Bridging Head and Heart” was yet another one that had a strong message for all of us.

Head takes important decisions;

Heart is like a lotus, which blossoms when the mind gets attuned to the intellect and when it gets purity and Knowledge.

How to maintain balance of head and heart? - Only by improving the Sattvik tendencies of human being. We have 3 types of Gunas or tendencies,

1.Tamas - It represents impurity, laziness and darkness

2.Rajas - It represents passion, action, energy and motion, fulfilment of attachment, longing of desires.

3.Sattva - It represents purity, knowledge, harmony and freedom from fear, violence, and malice.

Mind and Heart can be brought together by reducing Raajasik and Taamasik Guna’s. From eating good and plant-based foods, taking proper sunlight, being prayerful throughout the day, performing activities with the right attitude, will bring in joy and cheer in the lives of all.

Sattvik pravritti helps the body, mind and intellect to come into balance leading to optimum mental and physical health.

Bal Satya brings the kids closer to our Sanskar. When my daughter Advika listens to Bhajans and Shlokas, it brings her nearer to peace and joy. She remains happy. It has brought positive change in our lives. Our religion is very powerful and it is visible when we come close and start imbibing the positivity.

Ritu Gulati