Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences (SISS) offers courses that stir the inner self and trigger the thought process that one has generally lost in the haste of materialism.

The courses are classified into two groups: HRDM (Human Resource Development and Management) courses, and courses that deal with sacred Texts. All the courses are designed with the aim of elevating our thinking ability, to enable one to lead a virtuous and stress-free life. In our humble experience, these courses have benefited the participants to manage their every-day challenges with ease.

Weekend residential courses are conducted thrice in a year in the conducive environment of the Satyavrat Institute campus. Such courses benefit the aspirants most as they are able to stay comfortably at the Institute premises.

SISS also delivers short, half day talks on topics that are very close to our hearts, mostly the ones that trouble our minds, such as “Joy of Parenting”, “Destiny and Free Will”, “Mind your mind” to name a few.

Please see the “Multimedia” section for the audio / video DVDs / USB-drive on the listed programs.