Satyavrat Study Circle is a group formed by sincere seekers, who having attended the discourses by Maa Purnananda ji on various spiritual texts, aspire to pursue the teaching and imbibe the same by regular studies with like-minded seekers to sincerely implement Scriptural values in life. It is not a mere study alone, but it is a total commitment to the life that constantly acknowledges the Divine.

The study of Shastras, taken up as Sadhana, is the only valid means of knowing ourselves. The Study Circle is primarily meant to practise contemplation (Mananam) to assimilate the knowledge of Shastras, followed by cultivating the art of spreading harmony and peace amongst fellow beings. A true Study Circle member groomed over a period of time, would discover within himself the necessary equipoise to face the challenges of life efficiently.

Sri Manish Sharma, the Managing Trustee from ‘Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences’, with his in-depth knowledge, penance and wisdom has been guiding the seekers and members of the Satyavrat Study Circles through their “Quest” conjured up while studying various texts on Vedaant. Regular QA sessions held with Manish ji, not only clear the doubts and confusions of the seekers, but bring with them a renewed energy and motivation to the next class! Contemplation on these insightful answers, would go a long way into the right understanding of our Scriptures and assist the seekers on the path of Spiritual journey.