MAYOPADHI – 'Illusory time-space conditioning'

Aurangabad Study Circle:

Q) "Can you please explain 'Mayopaadhi' being mentioned as 'illusory time-space conditioning'?"

Manish ji's reply:

[As understood by us]

A) "Time-Space-causation is the reason why everything in this world is! If time-space-causation is removed, there is nothing that can be perceived.

Mind, is where the concept of time germinates. Though kaal is going at its own momentum, it is subjective and experienced differently by each individual. When we are indulged in activities of our interest, Time seems to pass quickly and very slow in case of a boring task! In deep sleep state where the mind is in temporary suspension, the concept of time is lost, hence when one wakes up, he does not realize how long he had been sleeping for! Time is where 'I'ness is manifested – 'Desh, Kaal, Utpattikarta'.

Take the example of a mud pot. The space inside and outside of the pot is the same. The pot itself is within the same space. Can I carry a box of Delhi space to Aurangabad space?

Here, 'Space' is equivalent to 'Brahman', and 'Pot' is equivalent to 'Conditioning'. Pot is my 'individualized Ego', which seems to separate the inner space from outer.

It is the Avidya / Ignorance that causes the individuality / conditioning though essentially there is nothing other than Brahman.

We also understood further, that the three upaadhis of 'Maya' were the methods for us to understand the concept of Maya for our further studies and contemplation. Even if we choose any one and try to remember through our day, it will help us."

"If one works hard to attain something in this world, sooner or later one will get what one is desiring for, but will always be under the rule of Maya. It is the choice of an individual to be MayaAdheen or MayaPati"!

[Ref. Adi Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh. Discourses by H H Maa Purnananda in USB drive audio / video available]