Aurangabad Study Circle:

Q) “Please explain, Is there any form of karmic principle followed in animals too? For example, why is it that one dog spends his life in litter and disease and the other finds a homely environment with comforts?”

Manish ji's reply:

[As understood by us]

A) “Animals are instinctively driven, guided by nature. Only humans are gifted with intellectual and discriminative capability. Humans can evolve to become Man-man, Super-man, God-man, or devolve to fall- for example the story of "Jada Bharat" in the Sreemad Bhaagvatam where the ascetic devolves to take birth as a deer.

We cannot ascertain whether an animal that we see is the soul on his journey of evolution as per Nature's course or a human soul fallen due to his bad deeds.

Manushya yoni is extremely rare and our objective should be only to evolve by sadhana under the guidance of the Guru.”

[Ref. Adi Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh. Discourses by H H Maa Purnananda in USB drive audio / video available]