Aurangabad Study Circle:

Q) “Is every impression/expression in life being stored in the Chitt? 
Please guide us, how do we safeguard ourselves? Is there a way to cleanse the Chitt?”

Manish ji's reply:

[As understood by us]

A) “Our association with ‘Aham vritti’ or ‘Ahankaar’ causes 'I-ness' giving rise to 'my-ness' and gets stored as impressions in Chitt. It is like owning a brand-new car and getting associated with it. 

All actions performed with a notion of doer-ship leave impressions on our Chitt forming a storehouse of experiences. Only a part of our Chitt is illumined for us in a particular life time. For eg: a torch lights up only a certain area of the dark room. In the same way, Consciousness riding upon Ego (torch) goes down the memory lane, to illumine only certain experiences stored in Chitt (dark room).

The way to cleanse our Chitt is disowning or disassociating with Ego. But since we are action propelled, and Raajasik by nature, work forms the mainstay in our lives. The 2 options left with us for coming out of these impression channels are:

1) Offer the work/action at the feet of Lord so that the work done is with an attitude of non doer-ship

2) If unable to do so, then at least offer the fruits of action (karm phala) at the feet of Lord and then take it as prasad. Constant remembrance or sattat smaranam of Lord will shield us from the impact of karm phala. 

It is indeed to ponder upon, that we are unable to disassociate ourselves from the gross money in a bank account earned just in the last few years, then how difficult it is to disassociate from the subtle memory bank that travels with us lives after lives! We may understand this well, but the fault line comes when we try to apply. 

So, to conclude, we can only be, what we put into practice. “

[Ref. Adi Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh. Discourses by H H Maa Purnananda in USB drive audio / video available]