Aurangabad Study Circle:

Q) “Please guide us as to how can we bring awareness in ourselves of our unintentional acts?”

Manish ji's reply:

[As understood by us]

A) “When we act, we use our gross body along with the 19 aspects of the subtle body, i.e the five Gnyanendriyas (organs of perception), five Karmendriyas (organs of action), five Pranas, Mann, Buddhi, Chitt, Ahankaar. These are the available resources within us to perform any action.

Unintentional acts happen when we are not fully aware of the working of these resources. Performing actions with complete awareness will help us reduce the unintentional acts and practice of the same will further nullify them. One does not need to be told the address of one’s home. However far and lost one may be, one will always reach back to his / her house. We need to be aware of our mind and the tricks it plays. Day-in & Day-out we perform many actions despite knowing that they are not right.

Intent behind any action is of paramount importance. For example, if we hit the fly that just came and sat on the nose, the intent was to make it fly, but it died. We will convict ourselves if we think that it was a sin! It is the intent that will give us the result, not the action.

We must live and act in the present and not by dwelling over past or the fear of future.”

[Ref. Adi Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh. Discourses by H H Maa Purnananda in USB drive audio / video available]