Aurangabad Study Circle:

Q) “Please explain how do we understand and apply the Raajasik aspect in our day-to-day lives.”

Manish ji's reply:

[As understood by us]

A) “In the action driven world of today, if ‘karm’ was the way to ‘Realization’, then most of us would have had been Realized by now!

The culmination of any action has its seed in the idea (‘Karm ke peeche ki soch karm se bhi jyada jaroori hai’). The idea arising at the intellectual level goes through stages of thoughts / planning and takes the form of an action through the body.

A calm mind working in sync with the body in the right direction, produces worldly and Spiritually wise & fruitful actions. It is most productive in its creative quietude! Our strong attachment with gross and subtle objects are the distractions in the mind, which bring disturbances.

Mind and Intellect, which are the instruments of Antahkaran are energized by Praan (Vital Air) just like electricity energizes different instruments like fan, bulb, air conditioner etc. By making best use of this inner instrument (mind), we will be able to generate best results. “

[Ref. Adi Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh. Discourses by H H Maa Purnananda in USB drive audio / video available]