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Always Remember the Source

Pradeep Pati
Noida, (NCR)

Hari Aum

Humble pranaam at Maaji’s Lotus Feet.

We had another wonderful opportunity to listen to Maaji on 13-2-21 for the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami.

Maaji started with the topic on significance of the topic itself. She mentioned, Field is known to all, but mostly people misinterpret the meaning of Yield. Yield is generally understood as the produce, but is to be understood as the ‘Source’.

The field “Kshetra” as per Sreemad Bhagwad Geeta, Chapter 13 - verse 2 & 3 is to be understood as the body & the field of activities. It can be interpreted as the things which are known. The universe ‘Jagat’ as seen and perceived by our Consciousness is to be understood as field. The “Yield” which is the Source can be well understood from verse no 14 Chapter-3 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta. The yield or the crop can be traced back as crop, is produced from rain. Rain is produced from Yagnas or sacrifices performed. Righteous actions constitute sacrifices.

The Source is Brahman only. Hence one must enjoy the produce but not to forget the Source.

Maaji spoke about the significance of the physical form of Mata Saraswati. She described vividly Her four arms, two holding and playing the Veena, one holding the rosary and fourth one holding Veda & blessing us. The two arms holding the Veena signify mind and intellect (mann and buddhi). The hand holding the rosary signifies the ego (aham) and the fourth hand that bestows blessings, signifies the memory (chitta). Hence the four hands signify the subtle body known as “Antahkarana”. Her white robe signifies purity.

At the end there was an enchanting question and answer session by the devotees and few very in-depth questions from the young audiences amazed the audiences.

It was a wonderful enlightening talk by Maaji. My gratitude to Her and sincere thanks to Manishji .

Hari Aum