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Indulgence – Unlearning the Learnt


Hari Aum!

Humble Prostrations at the Holy Feet of Maaji.

Today, in common parlance, the meaning of indulgence is to pamper ourselves by completely enjoying any object of our desire to the extent of feeling guilty.

This concept is drilled into us by companies to increase their businesses. We generally associate this word indulgence with Chocolates, Spa treatments, Shopping, luxury products etc. It is so, because of a marketing concept called “Indulgence Marketing” which is known as celebrating ‘Individuality’ or celebrating ‘Uniqueness’, and we fall prey to it sometime or the other because it boosts our ego by making us feel special. Unfortunately, we repeat the experience and increase our desires which are never ending.

Exactly opposite of this is what our Scriptures tell us. Our great Rishis knew this human behavior of never-ending desires, so our culture always refrained us from indulgence. We were taught to live in a controlled unindulgent manner. But the environment around and modern-day teachings advocate passion of “Ye Dil Maange More” which confuses a person.

Earlier I would not understand why Maaji advised us not to indulge, but now after listening to Maaji’s discourses and trying to study Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta and other Scriptural Texts, I have understood why we are advised against indulging, because its resurgence is not only at the physical level, but at the mental and at the intellectual level too!

Desire is the root cause of sorrow, and it gets fueled by indulgence, which is due to our inherent tendency of Rajas, our enemy within.

The world asks us to look outward, but the Scriptures guide us to introspect. The Scriptures are the ultimate authority, so we must abide by them. We are studying chapter 18 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta in our Study Circle. It begins with Arjuna’s question to the Lord about ‘Tyaga’ and ‘Sanyaas’. Bhagawan says Tyaga is the means to reach Sanyaas. Non indulgence is a discipline, which if we practice diligently, our mental energies get conserved, and with these conserved energies we must work towards our Supreme Goal. The Vedic Arati is a constant reminder for us, not to indulge. This excess baggage that we carry all the time over lives in our personality, gets removed by non-indulgence - by Tyaag, and the personality becomes perfectly chiseled and fit to reach the Supreme. One of Gurudev’s message is telling us the same -

“Desires are never quenched by enjoyment. It rather inflames them as clarified butter does to fire.”

As a devotee, as a seeker, it is my duty to work upon myself to reach my True Self. I must constantly be vigilant so that my Rajas doesn’t put its poisonous hood up again and again. I must work continuously to elevate myself from my present state of awareness to become Pure. I surrender and Pray at the Lotus Feet of the revered Sree Guru Parampara and Pujya Maaji to bless me with Their Grace, to be able to purify my mind through introspection, so that there is no more ‘Resurgence of Indulgence’ in me.

Aum Tat Sat!

Hari Aum!

Humble Pranaams Maaji.