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Mantra Initiation by Maa

On the auspicious day of Maha Shivraatri, the members of the SISS Study Circle, NCR, were initiated by Maa into Mantra Sadhana . They were blessed with their ‘Initiated’ names as mentioned below.

Maa and Chaitanyaji (Manishji) flanked by new initiates - from left to right:

Ashish Wig – Amaan , Neera Soni – Nidhi , Manoj Soni – Nishant , Sharmishta Pati – Snigdha , PP Yadav – Pankaj , Rohini Wig – Ranjani , PK Pati – Pinak ,
and Shreya Wig - Ananta

Discourses in English by Maa on the popular Prakran Granth, Adi Shankaracharya’s Aatm Bodh was released for the benefit of all Spiritual aspirants.