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Aatm Bodh app - Austerity, Purification, Peacefulness

P P Yadav,
NCR Study circle,

Hari Aum

This foggy cold winter the NCR study circle group had the great blessing of Sree Adi Shankaracharya’s composition - Aatm Bodh (apprehension of Reality) at the lotus feet of Maa ji

58th stanza of the above text says:

“Deities like Brahma and others taste only a particle of the unlimited bliss of Brahman and enjoy their share of that particle.”

Maa ji clarified:

“Our share will depend upon our evolution.”

That is why right in the first stanza Sree Sankara says:

“I am composing the Aatm-Bodh, for those who have purified themselves by austerities and are peaceful in heart, who are free from cravings and are desirous of liberation….

And taking us through various striking examples He concludes Aatm Bodh in the 68th stanza with the mention of Svatma-Tirtham- worship in the holy place of your own Aatman.

Hari Aum