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Gayatri Ramanan

Humble Pranaam at Maaji’s Lotus Feet!

Yet another Divine experience, listening to Maaji on account of the auspicious occasion of ‘Maha Shivraatri’. Maa began Her Talk by mentioning one beautiful point that shishyas get initiated on the Spiritual path on this day. She uttered such beautiful words when She said, our life becomes Holy when we find our Guru. Her words were inspiring when She spoke about Her initiation by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda Ji Maharaj! Even though Moksh is the definite destination for all beings, it appears as something impossible in this lifetime when I see where I stand. Maa’s Talk gave tremendous hope negating all our false ideas.

Maa explained the benefits of technology during these hard times and at the same time taught us to keep it under our control, particularly during our prayer and interrogation. Maa chanted the prayer for forgiveness to Lord Shiva and explained the process of dissolving and evolving. To dissolve, we have to evolve. Otherwise, unintelligent dissolution may be destructive to the society because of our selfish wants and desires. After dissolution, creation happens from what was destroyed, based on the bundle of Vasanas, Praarabdh and desires.

Maa said that during Creation, evolution may also happen, either due to mutation as per Darwin’s theory or due to meditation as per Vedic lore, and the latter is obviously more desirable. Maa’s approach was very Spiritually scientific when she explained by quoting a passage from a newspaper article where it was mentioned that scientists are studying the mutation, evolution and the variants of the current virus which has become “all pervasive” now. Maa said our Antahkaran should be trained to accept the fact that “Of the past, there should be no regret, of the future, no hope, so hold on to the present”. Maa elaborated the same with the popular Vedaantic theory of rope and snake. We should hold on to the rope, the Reality and not the snake (representing the false). To achieve this, certain practices like self-denial and practice of concentration is required. Mind is our best friend but can be our worst enemy also. We should intelligently control our mind by channelizing, otherwise, blindly suppressing the emotions of our mind may be disastrous as we see in our daily life.

No human can exist without desires. If our desires are turned towards the Divine and are based on Dharma, then our actions will not be sinful. Our mind becomes friendly then. With a friendly mind, our intellect functions very effectively. So, we pray to Lord Shiva for such a creative and dynamic intellect.

Maa explained Spiritual evolution through symbolism of Lord Shiva after beautifully rendering the bhajan “Daya karo Bhagwaan Shankar…”

Parvati indicates ‘Creation.’ Lord Shiva sends the message of dissolution and Devi Parvati does the needful.

Chandrashekhar, Chandrakalaadhar – The crescent moon is adorned on Lord Shiva’s forehead. Though poorna, it seems to be incomplete. Similarly, we seem to be insignificant and incomplete because we are identifying ourselves with falsehood, that is to be dissolved by Him.

The world is worn as an ornament by Him, which is indicated by the snake (falsehood). It becomes auspicious when worn by Lord Shiva.

Neel kanth – When Creation happens and we are into it, there will be poison because objects are poison. Lord Shiva removes the poison from our Mann manthan, if we seek His blessings during our meditation. He takes the poison from our minds and keeps it in His neck. It neither goes down His stomach nor goes to the tongue but stays there.

Vibhooti Shankar – Lord Shiva wears ashes from smashaan. Whatever is in Creation has to get destroyed at some point of time. And when adorned by Lord Shiva, it becomes ‘Auspicious’. When we understand the Mithyaattva, we are neither elated in creation nor sad in dissolution. We become dispassionate and evolved.

Trishul Dhaari – 3 Gunas - 3 troubles. He can pierce the Trishul in our Causal body and destroy the impact of the Gunas. Third eye will bless us with Divine, Spiritual understanding and wisdom.

Ganga Dhaari – Maa explained from Sreemad Bhaagwatam, The Ganges flows incessantly from locks of Lord Shiva, for the benefit of humanity, for our evolution. We are blessed to have Himalayas, whom we refer to as Himavan and the father of Devi Parvati and Mother Ganga. Ganga Mata flows for our physical survival, reminds us of the sacred learning at the subtle level. She alone purifies us when we leave our mortal coil by accepting our ashes in Her bosom and the soul gets purified. A visit and dip into the river will purify us once and for all.

Maa’s Talk is like flow of Ganges for us. But to take the Holy dip, we need to be in Her presence. Let us pray to Lord Shiva, the Compassionate Lord, seek His forgiveness for errors of omission and commission, so our Ego gets dissolved and we evolve to make ourselves paatradhaari to receive Guru’s Grace!

Hari Aum!