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With A Prayer to Reach the Goal - “Ishwaratva”!

Aditi Someshwar
Chh. Sambhaji Nagar

Hari Aum!

Humble prostrations at the Holy Altar of Sree Ishwara.

It is His grace that has brought me under the Holy shelter of SISS, and His grace that enabled me to try to understand from the revered teachings of Guru Maa through the Spiritual Retreat “Jeevatva to Ishwaratva” - to walk the path leading to Him! Enriched with the precious teachings from the two-day retreat; the Maha Abhishekam of Sree Ishwara on the following day i.e. Kartik Purnima, was no less than a dip in the Holy Mother Ganga! What reverberated inside me was, “Swa-Swaroop Anusandhaanam”, from Vivek Chudamani, explained by Maa in the first session of the retreat.

Each particle of the ashram reflected the glory of Sree Ishwara! The pure morning air, lush green grass, fruit-laden trees, heart-warming colourful flowers, birds chirping, Adi blissfully playing football in the green vastness, the sweet scent of dew mixed with holy incense, sweet melodious voice in praise of Him in the form of Sooktams, and the Divine majestic temple with Sree Ishwara blessing us all! In this blessed environment, on the auspicious day – 27th Nov’23, after morning aarti at the Holy Altar of Sree Guru Parampara in Sadguru Sharanam, Maa led us to Sree Ishwara Darshan temple where Chaitanya ji offered oblations in the Holy fire of the Yagnya performed. The sacred chanting by priests made our mind focussed and revel in His glory.

At 11.00 am, enthusiastic aspirants welcomed Maa with Purnakumbh. Maa ji and Chaitanya ji performed the Maha Abishekam of Sree Ishwara along with continuous chanting by priests.

This is the only day in the year where all of us get to enter the Garbh-Griha of the temple. The Abhishek of Sree Ishwara serves as the purification for a sincere seeker, instilling a deeper devotion in him – this is my humble experience, for which I look forward to every year!

While the devotees received their turns to step into the Garbh-Griha and offer Abhishek to Sree Ishwara, Maa was seated in the Brahm Udyaan addressing all eagerly assembled, advising them, blessing them with Her insightful words. She explained the significance of worshipping Lord Kartikeya who is the Chief of the army of Devtaas. But why the Chief of an army? Who does He need to fight? Well, we need the blessings of Lord Kartikeya to fight our inner enemies and let the Devtaas within us preside over and be ever victorious! 

With our minds and intellects further enriched by Maa’s loving and words full of wisdom, it was time for Sree Ishwara ‘Alankaar Aarti’! We stayed mesmerized at His sight! Sree Ishwara, the Trinity - Sree Brahma as unmanifest pure Sattva, Sree Vishnu as unmanifest pure Rajas and Sree Shiv as unmanifest pure Tamas, stood in front of us reminding us of where we are, and where we need to go!

Annapurna Mata blessed us with delicious, heart and stomach filling Maha prasad in the Annapurna kshetra. Each one of us was blissfully content!

This Kartik Purnima brought us a special gift with the release of 'Sundar Kand' (Discourses in Hindi by H H Maa Purnanandaji), from the series of Sree Ram Charit Manas on going at SISS. Also released was the very sacred and melodious 'Daaridrya Dahan Shiv Stotra.' My prayers at the sacred Altar to be blessed with the wealth of devotion, and burn the poverty of i-ness, on the path to reach the goal!

Humble Pranaam at Maa’s holy Feet,
Heartfelt gratitude to Chaitanya ji,
Dhanyawaad to each staff member at SISS, and to dearest Adi!

Hari Aum!