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Remembering Dear Pablo

Age: 12 years

Hari Aum!

My Prostrations at the Holy Feet of Guru Maa!

I was very small, around 3 years old when I first met Pablo. I was very scared of him. I would run away seeing him, not realizing how much I will cherish growing up with him. He would always come to me showering love, and give me time to reciprocate the same to him. I was never so expressive in showing my love, though I loved him from my heart. Every Sunday class, I would look forward to seeing him. He would joyfully take a walk with Maa and greet us happily.

I remember him fondly as I share some of my experiences. Once during a Retreat, we all were sitting with Maa in the evening. Pablo came and sat on my lap as if I were his chair. I felt very scared and it was so hilarious that everyone laughed around me. I too laughed and enjoyed his loving gesture.

During our Sunday classes, I would observe his innocent expressions. Sometimes when Manish Uncle called out to him to have Ragi biscuits, he would bark in excitement, but wait till he was allowed to eat. When the Sunday class would get over, he would patiently wait for his turn to take prasad from Maa. And if the class got delayed, he would cutely express his request by tapping behind Maa.

He loved putting his feet in the pond in Brahm Udyaan. It was a delight to see him bathe in his tub. He relished chewing his sugarcane. He was always there with us in all our activities. He loved us all; I loved him. 

Such, and some more are my beautiful memories of growing up with Pablo.

And I still feel he is always there with us… 

Hari Aum!