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Aurangabad Study Circle

The month of June had been a very blessed and blissful one for the Aurangabad Study Circle, as each one got a golden opportunity to seek direct guidance from none other than, Her Holiness GuruMaa, during an online session.

As always, the session started with the inspiring and weighted words of Sri Chaitanya ji, more fondly known to all of us as ‘Manish ji’.

He guided that, ‘if’ and ‘but’ are the biggest impediments for a Vedaantic seeker, and those who take shelter under these words, will always be under the sway of Maya! So keep away from these, to yield on the path as a seeker of Spirituality. 

The entire session was so captivating and so much to learn from it, that I am unable to hold my enthusiasm, and here I take the opportunity to share some of my experiences and learning (despite my limited understanding)

The invocation prayer was offered at Mataji’s Holy Feet. 

Gurumaa took us to a deeper understanding of the invocation prayer and brought our attention to, how our great Gurus and Saints have given us such a beautiful wealth of Mantras and Stotras! 

When we listen to such glorious words of the Gurus, it is so motivating. And, when a seeker meditating upon them, keeps the external organs of perception on silent mode; by the grace of the Guru, listens to the inner voice, he/she is able to comprehend the right import of the Mantras.

I need to ponder, where my mind and intellect is moving in this inexhaustible falsehood. Even in association with Scriptures, is my mind still looking for steadiness! So with proper analysis and understanding, leaving behind the futile worldly worries, I need to open up the doors of wisdom, and make best use of this life!

Her Holiness also blessed us with wisdom from the beautiful bhajan- ‘Payo ji Maine, Ram Ratan Dhan Payo…’

Sadguru has given me such ‘Amaulik Vastu’, and, what did I do with It? Did I use It aptly? 

After getting the Ultimate Wealth, if I run after the material wealth, it is such a pity! 

This Ultimate Wealth or Highest Knowledge of the Scriptures, which was once given only to Kings and princes, is very precious and needs to be pursued with utmost Faith, Humility, Sincerity and Diligence.

Mata’s guidance and blessings were truly invigorating and inspiring. 

This was further followed by the questions put up by the members from the Study Circle. With Mata’s compassionate voice guiding the members, all were blessed with the answers to their queries, few of which (in my limited capacity) are penned below.

Acknowledging the fear in most of us in handling day to day situations, Mata pointed out that fear and lack of confidence are due to the lack of faith and confidence in the Divine. One should sit quietly in solitude and tell oneself, “I completely surrender at the Will of the Supreme without any doubt as I know that I will be blessed with the best in any situation by the Divine. I will sincerely and diligently put my efforts to be steady and regular in my Spiritual pursuit. I will fearlessly practice instructions, remain undeterred, steady and focussed.”

Explaining the conflict experienced by a seeker between Spirituality and worldliness, Mata said that Spirituality and worldly life don’t run parallel - Spirituality has to be the Substratum on which a seeker should live his life. Unbiased Faith in the Scriptures and practice in a disciplined way will gradually pave the way for the purification of ones’ Antahkaran. The Raajasik and Taamasik tendencies will gradually lead to Saattvik levels.

One must continue to study, contemplate and practice diligently every day to purify oneself. When the Mind-Intellect equipment is well purified, that which one does not comprehend now, will also reveal itself. While reading and learning Scriptures, it is important to first understand the Vaachyaarth, and then derive the Lakshyaarth under the guidance of the Sadguru.

Amongst all the words of wisdom, the last question asked to Mata, summarized the complete session for us. To the question, “Why is it so difficult to realise the Self? The Self is me, yet, why am I so far from It?”, Mata’s most precious reply and message was:

“Realising the Self is not difficult at all, rather it is difficult to be a part of the world. For example, telling the truth is always easier than lying. My own tendencies block the road, as I have turned away from my own Self. 

Satyam, Ahimsa and Brahmacharya - the 3 fundamental Principles of Vedaant must be practiced, so as to change myself for the better. This practice must be done with full faith and fearlessness. One must not lose out on the Guru Parampara at any cost. One must focus on ones’ own sadhana and steadiness.”

Our humble Pranaam at Her Holy Feet and immense gratitude for our good fortune to receive this direction from Gurumaa.

The session ended with Kshama-Praarthana at Mataji’s Holy Feet, and the Shanti Mantra.

Hari Aum!