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Noida (NCR)

Hari Aum! Humble Pranaam at Maaji’s Lotus Feet!!

We had another wonderful opportunity to listen to Maaji on 14-5-21 on the day of Akshay Tritiya and the auspicious occasion of Gurudev’s Jayanti & Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti both coinciding on 17th May’21 .

Maa ji started with the significance of Akshay Tritiya, in which Lord Krishna gave a pitcher to Draupadi with one grain of rice in it, but that could feed any number of people. Significantly what Lord Krishna wants us to eat depends on what is our urge to eat or on what we want to sustain upon. Our urge for intellectual sustenance could be a better offer to the Lord which we will get back from Him for our selves as well as for the people around us.

Maa ji then explained the significance of the day on which the Jayanti of both Gurudev Swami Chinmayandaji and Sree Adi Shankaracharyaji falls. To proceed further on with the topic, Maaji mentioned about Gurudev’s path which is pure Buddhi and relates to the Head. Buddhi is the driving force of a Spiritual human being. Head or Buddhi is given importance for learning purpose and for survival. For Spiritual pursuit the place of Buddhi is superior most. We relate our Religious and Spiritual activities and thoughts with emotionalism. However Scriptures advise us not to get carried away by emotionalism while practicing Religion and Spiritualism.

To proceed further, Maaji explained the enchanting Verses - 30, 31 & 32 from chapter 18 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta. These verses elucidate how the Head or Buddhi acts under the influence of three type of Gunas ie. Sattwik, Raajasik & Taamasik. Buddhi can be driven by these 3 tendencies. But as an individual one can always enhance his/her intellectual ability on the basis of enhancement of Sattwik tendencies. Once that happens, the Head becomes ready to merge with the Heart.

To explain the Heart or Hriday, Maa ji quoted one verse from Kaivalya Upanishad which elucidates Heart as the lotus feet of Lord Shiva, The Auspicious One in every one. Heart is that, which is indiscriminately loving, kind and compassionate, is untainted and thus is the seat of the Lord Shiva.

Bridging Head and Heart is the goal of all seekers. Maaji advised to proceed by enhancing our Spiritual understanding by reading Scriptures and making one’s Antahkaran (of which Buddhi is a part) Sattwik enough so that a time will come when the Head will merge with the Heart. Bridging Head and Heart is one of the most beautiful concepts to contemplate and work upon by the seekers. People who have a Head; but are heartless, and people who have a Heart; but do not have sufficient understanding, will not be able to bridge the gap. One has to be sensible as well as sensitive without being emotional. This is possible by study of Scriptures under the guidance of Sadguru. Pujya Gurudev has said, use your Head while dealing with self and use your Heart while dealing with others.

While concluding Maa ji beautifully mentioned “Distance between Head and Heart is not far but the ego comes in between”. By removing ego, the Spiritual Head merges with the Spiritual Heart.

This indeed was an enchanting and enlightening Talk by Maa ji and sincere thanks to Her to bless us with such Talks in times of distress.