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Rules to Freedom

Dubai (UAE)

Hari Aum!

Humble Prostrations at the Lotus Feet of Pujya Maaji.

Recently we celebrated our 76th Independence Day. Independence Day always reminds me of the great sacrifices of so many freedom fighters. But do we really value it? Are we truly free? Do we really know what freedom is?

As Gurudev says “Not to do what you feel like doing, is Freedom”.

I always thought it to be the other way round. To act as per my wish is freedom! That is why as a child, I always wanted to get out of school, college and be on my own without any rules. I was excited to get my driving license and thought I could drive around the whole place without any restrictions - but there were many rules to follow, of course for my own safety and of the others on the road. Therefore, rules are necessary and we cannot run away from them.

We keep away from traditions and religious practices because we don’t want restrictions. Today, young adults don’t want any commitment and responsibility as they would lose their “freedom”! ‘No rules to follow’ is the motto, but this is taking us to devolution. We are all living in delusion. We think that we are free, but we are all slaves to our minds. We act upon the instructions of the mind even if it is wrong. If we all are caged in our own mind, then what kind of freedom are we enjoying? This slavery to our own minds is leading us to further bondage and we are becoming weaker and weaker!

Man, who is blessed with intellectual ability must make use of this faculty and live intelligently.

The great sages have known that excessive indulgence in sensual enjoyments causes dissipation of our personality and leads us to sorrow and misery. Freedom is essentially built on intelligent self-restraint and discipline. This way of life, of self-restraint and discipline is prescribed by our Scriptures through different phases of life. Without the knowledge of the Scriptures, I wouldn’t know whether Freedom is my Strength or Weakness. I need to study more and imbibe the teachings of the revered Gurus.

If I don’t lead my life intelligently then instead of being free, I am more bound and weak. To make freedom my strength, I need to follow these rules laid down in our Scriptures. Hence I need to start with leading a disciplined life with adaptability. Only after adopting the Scriptural injunctions and having full faith in them will lead me to vairagya. This will help me get into the attitude of Sanyas, and pave way to ultimate Freedom.

I surrender at the Holy Feet of revered Sree Guru Parampara to take me on this path of True Freedom. I feel blessed to have learnt the meaning of true freedom which has rules, those when practiced perfectly, lead to the greatest strength of mankind - their Freedom!

Humble Prostrations at the Holy Feet of Maa ji.

Humble Pranaams to Manish ji and sincere Dhanyawaad.

Hari Aum.