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Lacksana Karthikeyan
Age: 9 years
Burdubai Balasatya

Hari Aum!

My humble pranaams to Maa ji !

Maa’s Call Talks are always interesting and inspiring, so I always look forward to hearing  Maa.

She usually talks on topics with lot of stories from our Puranas, through which I have learnt many values. 

These values are helping me to become a better person.

In Bala Satya class, I came to know about many mythological stories. Our class is full of children hailing from different places in Bharat. So, I learnt about many cultures and traditions followed in their homes.

When a festival or occasion comes up, I am able to know the significance of performing it sincerely. Using the Iswara Upasana, Ishwar Archana and Sanskar books, we perform Puja during our class and I have started doing the same at my home too. 

With the help of Ramnath Uncle and Uma Maheshwari  Aunty, my Sanskrit pronunciation has improved a lot.

My mother attends Study Circle on Sundays and my sister Priyanka joins me in Bal Satya. My father also is very happy with our learning.

We are eagerly waiting to see Maa in Dubai.  

Pranaams Maa !

Hari Aum!