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Intense encounter with ‘Applied’ Vedaant from Guru Maa

Oud Mehta Study Circle - Dubai

Hari Aum,

Surrendering and prostrating with all humility at the Holy Feet of the Guru. On behalf of the Oud Metha SISS Study Circle, I express our gratitude and share below, my personal experience (given my limited understanding) during this exclusive Study Circle session with Maa ji on 18th June 2021, along with my fellow disciples. Thankful to Manish ji for arranging these sessions.

With the Grace of Guru, we completed the reading of Chapter 14 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta. Our doubts therefore were mainly from Gunatraya-Vibhaga-yoga. We received Maa ji’s blessings to start Chapter 15 and Her guidance on how to progress further with our studies. We were asked to try understanding the Vachy-arths and do contemplation upon them, make our own notes highlighting points that will help us evolve, and then work upon them.

Answering a doubt on three Guans, Maa ji explained how the Antahkarana of the Sattvik aspect gets impacted by its 6 enemies (namely kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya) when it gets contaminated by Rajas and Tamas – the building blocks of Karmendriaya/Pranas and Sthoola-sharira respectively. With Sadhana the impact of Rajas should be minimized and Tamas eliminated. One must strive even harder to transcend Sattva, as its binding aspects - knowledge and happiness, are more pervasive. Hence, the veil of Maya is referred to as the Golden disk. Purification of the mind leads to the removal of both the projecting as well as the veiling power of Maya. Hence, we were instructed to sincerely do Sadhana regularly, to get closer to our Swaroopa. Not realizing that Self is Infinite Bliss, we look for temporary happiness in objects outside, which like a pendulum, is bound to swing equally back to sorrow in no time.

It was further explained that Gunas are the kaaran for Vasanas, that turn into our actions. Gunas are hard to perceive, but by paying attention to Vasanas, one can rectify Gunas. Unless burnt by Tapah, the Vasanas will remain (although dormant) even at the end of the Kalpa; let alone the death of the body. Therefore, the vicious cycle of creation (Samsara) goes on. The solution is to work on ones’ own Gunas. Vedaant proclaims “Arise, Awake...’’

I must act with my Viveka. With the classic analogy of the of rope, the snake and the Sun, Maa ji clearly explained the Highest concept of Consciousness and Brahman, which Advaita explains as the Substratum for all, going beyond the 24 Tattwas explained by Sankhya. The Lord has no doership, and He is not going to come and solve our problems. But in His presence, the devotee is blessed. Rather than begging to the Lord to solve my problems, my prayers should be directed towards seeking Viveka. Maa ji highlighted Viveka as the key differentiating factor in human beings. We must offer to both Vaishvanarh as Jatharaagni and Vaishvanarh as the Eye-of-wisdom. For humans aahuti of Gyana is superior to the Dravya Yagna. Maa ji said that our Puja must be internal and devotional rather than external and emotional. The extrovert mind must be calmed, steadied, and freed from emotions, before it can be turned inward to devotion. The overpowering of Antahkarana by Rajas & Tamas must be sublimated by making Shravana-Manana-Nidhidhyaanam an integral part of daily sadhana, much more than Religious activities.

Maaji said that all disciples associated with SISS must necessarily take a pledge that:

“Every morning on the seat of meditation, I will pray to God with full Faith and confidence that He is my refuge and therefore I will be guided by Him and seek His guidance with all sincerity, and abide by His instructions with Shraddha, and work with all caution, carefulness, agility, etc.”

Carrying this attitude throughout the day and remembering that the Lord’s blessing hands are on my head, will remove all my fears and worries. The importance of chanting “AUM” properly was stressed upon.

We were all blessed by Maa ji, with the release of “BALKAND” USB of Sree Ram Charit Manas.

I conclude by prostrating at the Holy Feet of Maa.

Hari AUM!