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Gardens Study Circle - Dubai

Hari Aum!

My humble pranaams at Maaji's Lotus Feet!

My humble pranaams to Manish ji!

It was a great blessing to listen to Maaji and receive Her guidance. I thank Manish ji for this Divine opportunity to get Maaji's Blessings!

Maaji patiently answered all our queries and guided us. I had a query with regards to doer ship while performing a task, considering it as our duty. Even then, since the responsibility is taken to execute, a percentage of doer ship gets attached. Maaji explained how to overcome this. She said the word ownership should be understood in the right sense which means we have to work responsibly and watchfully. After performing the task whatever happens, we need to introspect our attitude with which we did the job. This will happen provided we are alert and aware of our Gunas while performing the job. Instead, without this, if the activity was performed with doer ship, then introspection will not happen. Introspection is required to evolve ourselves.

When enquired, how to do fasting to inculcate self-discipline? Maaji explained that, fasting should be done with good intent. It should not be done to achieve something materialistic. If it is done that way, we will be depriving the Vaishvanara of His aahuti. So the right amount of offering at the right time can be done during fasting. Maaji also said that the food becomes Sattwik based on who is making, with what attitude it is being made, what ingredients are being used, and with what intent it is being taken. The food should be made with the right intent, with the best ingredients and it should be taken as an oblation to Vaishvanara.

Swaha is the offering to the Devtas and praying to them, to accept the offering. Similarly Swadha is the offering done during rites for ancestors. While chanting Mantra for offering Naivedyam, we offer the Panch Pranas to Vaishvanara, because the forces of the Pancha Pranas are responsible for the complete processing of food and sustaining and functioning of the body. Moreover, when we come into existence, all the activities that we perform in life, and also while leaving the body, all activities are happening only due to the presence of Panch Pranas and Pancha Upa-pranas.

When asked "If desires motivate my actions, are they sinful?” Maaji explained, that vasanas is the very cause of our birth. We should stop entertaining our desires which curtail our Spiritual progress. Actions can't be performed without desires. So I should watch my desires, which Guna is predominant in me causing this desire. If desire is leading to right action, then it will lead me to the Higher.

When asked how vasana is related to Dharma, Maaji explained that I perform actions based on my vasanas only. That's my Dharma. If I force myself into an activity of paradharma it will be harmful to me. So I should observe my Gunas and try to evolve my Gunas. Once I evolve Spiritually, my Gunas will also change to Sattwa, and thereby my Dharma will also change. Actions will change based on vasanas, and vasanas will change based on Gunas. So slowly I have to curtail my unwanted desires by being discriminative.

When asked the exact meaning of the word "Yagnya", Maaji explained that "Yagnya" means sacrifice of ego. Sacrifice must be done, with the thought that Brahman pervades everything.

I am very thankful to Maaji for clearing many of our doubts. I seek forgiveness for any omission or commission in my understanding.