Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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Being with myself

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My Resolve to Evolve

Noida (NCR)

Hari Aum!

Dissolution of the unwanted in all of us should be a constant endeavor so that we can be evolved in the pristine glory of our true Self. 

Hence on this glorious day of Maha Shivraatri, we are blessed to get initiated by our Guru on the Spiritual path thus giving us an opportunity to undertake the journey under the auspices of Her Holiness more diligently and sincerely. Life becomes so beautiful & holy when we have this situation in our lives & I had this opportunity with other fellow seekers to be a witness!

Most of the distractions, obstructions & disturbances in our day to day lives are caused by an instrument called ‘Mobile phone’ which gives us a pseudo feeling of it being in our control, but however deep within, it is a source which actually causes distress leading to stress in the mind!

Let us on this auspicious day chant for forgiveness from Lord Shiva as we keep committing errors of omission & commission knowingly/unknowingly through this body, mind & intellect. Lord Shiva brings about ‘Dissolution’. This would either lead to ‘Creation’, if we need to fulfill our unsatiated desires or ‘Evolution’ that can happen in two ways - Mutation (the natural way) or Meditation (the preferred way).

Positive change in our lives comes through Divine Grace & also our own efforts to contemplate on the Divine aspects

Hence let us pray to Lord Shiva to bless us with a creative & calm mind.

The symbolism of Lord Shiva & Mother Parvati does the needful for the dissolution. The Snakes adorned by Him, indicate the falsehood in the creation. The poison of the objects of the world, can be taken away by the Grace of Lord Shiva in the process of manthan. The Vibhooti- the Ash from the crematorium signifies that whatever is in creation has to get destroyed. Trishul pierces & destroys the impact of the 3 Gunas. Mother Ganga blesses us with physical survival & purifies our mortal remains too . 

Hence let us seek forgiveness at the Feet of Lord Shiva 

It was indeed a deep insight to be practiced at the Feet of the Gurus 

Aum Namah Shivaay!