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Importance of Worship


Prostrations at The Holy Feet of Sree Guru Parampara!

I seek Maa’s blessings, as I pen down my little understanding on the topic "The Creator and the Creatrix". I admit that it has been challenging to understand the topic in its complete depth.

The Creator is the Purush – The Dormant, and The Creatrix is the Dynamic aspect. But, Both are One as The Supreme Consciousness.

The disturbance is created when separation takes place. I, the egocentric being separates from Totality and starts identifying myself as an individual. This individuality claims everything that comes in contact as ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. I start believing myself to be the source and provider of things around thinking this is my wealth, my power, my success.

The source of everything perceivable & non-perceivable, living & non-living is the One Supreme Consciousness.

Falling down from the level of being One with the Supreme to the level of an ego centric being is due to ignorance which puts me in the journey of transmigration. Hence worshipping is very important to shed this darkness of ignorance and the continuous strife to be one with Divinity.

On the auspicious occasion of Sree Ganesh Chaturthi, we need to put effort to invoke the grace and blessings of the Lord - The Form Representative of the Supreme. After ten days, comes Shraaddh. We pay obeisance and pray to our ancestors, with the understanding to come out of ignorance (this transmigration cycle) by seeking their blessings. After 15 days comes Shaardeeya Navratri festival. On the 1st day, we worship Lord Shiv, the Auspiciousness in us, and Devi Parvati, as the Shakti Roop, so as to be able to come out of our negative tendencies and strive to merge with the Totality.

If the purpose is self-evolution, then our festivals give us the opportunity to surrender at The Holy Feet of our revered Gurus because it is only by Their blessings and teachings, that we learn how to truly worship.

I humbly bow down at The Holy Feet of Maa, who with her love and compassion, has showered such words of wisdom, making me understand the true import of “Worship”, to introspect and rectify my mistakes, and to remind myself to feel the presence of God.

Seeking for guidance at The Holy Feet of Maa!

Hari Aum!