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Uma Maheshwari
BurDubai BalSatya - Dubai,

Hari Aum!

We all BalSatya families prostrate to Her Holiness Maa Purnananda ji and indeed are blessed to be under the shelter of the Vedic GuruParampara. 

We are grateful to Manish ji who made it possible to connect with Maaji on Friday, 11th of June’21.

It is Her greatness which showered blessings by pointing out our responsibilities and duties as parents to groom our children by keeping them away from the impact of the world and nurture them with values and virtues. She also directed and guided us on how all children should obey and respect their parents without concealing anything from them. She was so compassionate in clearing all our queries in bringing up our children through character building in such a way that our rich culture, religion and philosophy can be passed on to our coming generation. Maa's soft and steady words have inspired us to change the direction of our mental state and apply the learning to gain permanent happiness. 

There were many questions put up by BalSatya Parents and children. Maaji cleared all their queries with a lot of patience which made us understand in a very lucid manner.

The key points that were covered by Maa are:

1. The importance of a Sadguru in guiding us in our Spiritual journey in our life, in alignment with the sacred Scriptures.

2. In this pandemic, everything is mixed learning (both online and onsite). Children get diverted fast. To make them concentrate, we need to fix one time either in the morning or evening, sit together (Parents and children) in front of the altar for 10 minutes, and be fully focused on the Holy Feet of the chosen God and do Japa .

3. It is true that children sometimes get into bad habits with friends, or by watching TV, etc. Any habit is not good. We need to replace bad habits with good practice. For example, if a child bites his nails, we can give him a pen in his hand and ask him to draw an apple or a tree.

4. We can encourage children in building up their character, to serve the society by becoming good citizens of the country, by ourselves getting involved in character making of our child. We can help our own child by giving good nutrition of thoughts. We need to read episodes and characters from our great Epics (Sree Ramayanam, Sreemad Bhaagavatam, etc.) every night. We must watch their habits very closely and give them clarity of thought and confidence.

5. We come across Bhagawan taking some sober and also aggressive Avatars while reading these epics. We often become wild and do adharmic actions, He also takes aggressive or sweet Avatars to correct us, and put things right.

6. Some children also bully or fight with each other. Generally, the physically or mentally weaker person is always bullied by the stronger person but in that situation every parent needs to curtail,
·       Foul Language
·       Physical Attack
·       Anger

We need to use good language, speak in our mother tongue at home and not mix different languages. Using pure language tames our mind.

7. For Time management, first the children need to prioritize their activities as those that are most important and have to be done every day without fail – 8 hours each day a week, keeping 1 day for joyful activities. But the plan should be shown to parents before starting the schedule and they can fine tune it accordingly.

8. We lose patience due to shortage of time. One gets sufficient time if we plan properly with a clear mind. Our impatience can impact negatively on children.

9. We pray to the Supreme as Ishwara or Bhagawan who is worshipped in different forms. This is like a woman who takes different roles for different people around, a daughter to a father, wife to a husband, mother to a child, friend to a friend.

This session was so beneficial and elevating for all parents and children. We all are really thankful to SISS and Manish ji to be able to listen to the wonderful Talks of Maa ji and we are really blessed to seek the Divine Grace from the Supreme and the GuruParampara. We must show our gratitude to Maa by putting all the guidance given into practice.


Hari Aum!