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Chanting of AUM!

Pradeep Unnikrishnan
BurDubai Study Circle - Dubai

Pranaam Maaji!

Vande Guru Parampara!

I am fortunate to hear Maaji through the regular Call Talks. I would like to first thank Manish ji, for the immense effort in organizing these call talks and making sure that our Spiritual path is unhindered. Regular call talks on different topics are helping us to fine tune our Spiritual path regularly and sincerely. Our connectivity to the Guru Parampara is getting stronger through these Call Talks. I surely miss the great opportunity to see Maaji in person, offer my Pranaam & flowers at Maaji’s Holy Feet and seeking the blessings of Her Holiness.

Prayers & Chanting of AUM!

During the Call Talks for our Study Circle (Bur Dubai), Maaji insisted upon the importance of offering our prayers before we start our study, or before starting our effort to connect to the Supreme Self. Prayers indicate our surrender and dedication at the Holy Feet. If we are unable to inculcate Faith and devotion towards the Supreme at the Holy Altar, then the following worship, studies, learning, mediation or anything to do with Religion and Spirituality will not be complete. Such studies will not lead us or help us in our path of Spirituality. Therefore, while we are learning, the prayers should not be just a routine that we do, but it should be our sincere surrender and dedication at the Holy Feet of God and the Guru.

Chanting three times the “AUMKAR” before we start the studies sets the Mind-Intellect equipment in the right direction. Chanting ‘AUM’ just as a duty or routine, without a Supreme connectivity and calmness, will not work in internal integration and evolution. Therefore, to turn the Mind-Intellect equipment inwards, chanting three-times AUMKAR is one of the most essential sadhanas, that everyone should practice right from the beginning. In any other studies, like Shastriya sangeet, the Guru always instructs to practice the basic notes repeatedly for many years, before he teaches the key lessons. The main lessons or raagas are always taught, only when we learn the basic notes thoroughly. Teachings of any specific song is taught after many years of practice and dedication. If learning a classical music requires so much dedication and effort, then a Spiritual path requires a dedicated and correct chanting of AUMKAR and this will help us to keep our mind steady towards the Spiritual goal. Failing at this very step means, that the Mind-Intellect equipment is not ready, or trained to observe what I am doing. Chanting the AUMKAR three times in the correct way will elevate us from the physical, to mental, to the intellectual level. At this subtlest level we must worship, pray, study and dedicate ourselves to our own Supreme Self. We must unfailingly practice the chanting of AUMKAR and study the Scriptures on a daily basis.

Spiritual journey is “individual” and therefore there is no choice to include anyone else in this process. The best way to identify this is to use words as “mine, I, me” rather than “we & ours” in our query. It is quite possible that the desire, the thoughts, the action and the results are “mine”, and it could be this same mine or “I”ness that is standing, or is acting as a shield between myself and the Supreme Self.

Surrendering at your Holy Feet Maaji

Seeking forgiveness and your blessings always.