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Anant Kandoi
Sambhaji Nagar

Hari Aum!

19th March, 2033 - a very special day for us. The previous day we had taken a dip in the holy Ganges and were now rushing back to our home in Aurangabad - excitement and joy in our hearts. Maa was coming to Sambhaji Nagar (Aurangabad), and she was going to stay with us! What ensured was 4 blissful days - early morning discourses, prasad meals, lots of discussions, questions and answers. The whole house seemed to be bathed in purity and devotion.

Sweta and I were blessed to do Maa’s paad puja! Over this visit we had sessions on Shodashaupachaar puja, Saraswati Stotram and conducting Mata Saraswati’s Puja.

In addition to the discourse sessions, we spent a lot of time talking with Maa and in the process heard words of wisdom and cleared our doubts.

One evening we visited the Ghrishneshwar Jyotirling temple - it was a beautiful darshan and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset view on our way back! Maa is an avid lover of plants and we had a nice time showing her around the garden and a small kitchen garden in our premises. Maa enjoyed plucking fresh vegetables and eating them right away! One morning the Guru’s blessings showered on each Study Circle member, with Maa’s benign visit to the temple in each home. The joy and jubilation on each face was worth seeing!

There was never a dull moment around with Maa. Through the four days a certain sense of calmness and gratitude seemed to fill the entire house and our hearts. We humbly prostrate and pray that Maa blesses us again, very soon with her Divine presence.

Hari Aum!