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Right Sadhana – Gate way to Exhaust Vasanas

Sudha Bazaz
Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Hari Aum!

On the advent of Navraatri and Sree Ram Navami, we had an online Call-Talk by Mata the topic being 'Harnessing and Harmonizing’. The Manifested Form of Brahman, along with Its Yog Maya - Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati, is responsible for Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution. If we have to live in harmony with the three aspects, we will have to delimit our limits with the right kind of Sadhana. Navraatri & Sree Ram Navami are 2 such beautiful opportunities for worship and upaasna that keeps us on right track and refrain from the adversity of Maya. Arjun gave the reigns of his chariot in the hand of Sree Krishna, and came out victorious which teaches us to give our reigns as well, in the hands of the Higher. Our sadhana should supersede the clutches of Maya and Gunas need to be placed in the right place. 

So what should be the map of our sadhana to harness our mind?

Sree Durga Saptashati can be chanted.  Upwaas can be observed for 9 days. Eating light food in the daytime will help us to be energetic all throughout. Austerity should be observed the entire day leading to meditative nights and early mornings.  

Contemplating on one of the most significant Mantra,

रूपं देहि जयं देहि यशो देहि द्विषो जहि

should be the part of our sadhana.

रूपं  देही - is seeking inner beauty of character reflected physically.

जयं देही - is seeking victory over our vices and our lower tendencies so that our Antahkaran is clean and full of virtues.

यशो देहि - is the glory of Divine that shines out and not the glory of my ego. 

द्विषो जहि - Dwesh is a big obstacle in our sadhana. The demon inside us in the form of kama, krodh, lobh, moha, madh, matsarya needs to be slained by Maa Durga.

The eight days of Navraatri of Chaitra month ends with Sree Ram Navami which helps us harmonize our lives when we act around the world. We should not get disturbed by anybody nor we should disturb anyone with our actions and words. ‘Sree Ram’ is an embodiment of Divine virtues. Worshiping Sree Ram will help us remove our negativity and will give rise to the Divine power. When an individual cultivates virtues the whole family becomes virtuous. It reflects upon society and then ultimately nation. By paying our reverence and bowing down again and again at His Lotus feet will help us to annihilate our external as well as internal tendencies.

He will bestow health and all types of wealth - material as well as Spiritual. He is pleasing, calm and composed in any situation. He is the lord of Raghu dynasty. He is the embodiment of compassion and showers compassion on all. I bow down to that Lord Rama.

Introspection and contemplation is the key to uplift our mind. We have to practice month after month, year after year, analyse the quality of our mind and channelize it in the right direction.

Hari Aum!