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First Interaction with a Lasting Impression!

Kunal Thirani
Chh. Sambhaji Nagar

I once overheard, when we lose our parents, we must adopt the Geeta as our parents. It then seemed a cliché. But after my brief stay at the SISS ashram under the umbrella of Maa’s guidance, I clearly saw its absolute truth. Soon after meeting Maa, she stated that the purpose of life is to know oneself. This seemingly virtuous statement turned into reality over those two days for me, which I would like to share very briefly.

I realized the triviality of just “mind over matter”, versus the larger importance of intellect over the mind itself. Circling back it was a revelation of how, inspite of being gifted with intellect, I have listened to my fickle-natured mind! I am now somewhat aware of the mind being just an interface between the body and intellect. The body, mind and intellect separation was so well understood. 

I thank Maa for showing me that deep attachments and irrational emotions are the root causes of fear and similar disturbing experiences. During my stay, equally well understood was the profound word “duality”.

I also thank Manish ji for the clear explanation of Dharm, and for using my intellect to act as per my Dharm instead of my ego. He explained that in the absence of a live-life manual, we are living a life of randomness and gamble!

And the greatest outcome of my stay was how my ego deludes me and suppresses my intellect.

I seem to have conducted a “preventive & predictive maintenance” of my life. My brief stay at the ashram institute has set me on the purposeful path of getting to know myself.

Having used the words “I, me and my”, albeit unavoidable, so many times here above, the explanation of ego is playing out so much more in my mind.

I look forward to many such enlightening interactions with Maa & Manishji!

Hari Aum!