Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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Tapping the Inner Energy

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Hari Aum.

It was indeed a privilege for all of us to receive GuruMaa’s blessings, before the onset of Chaitra Navraatri and Sree Ram Navami. The topic ‘Harnessing and Harmonizing’ was an appropriate one, and so aptly Maa ji gives an enlightening insight into the same!

As we all have been learning that our mind is the main tool which needs to be harnessed, and which ultimately harmonizes our inner personality, so that we live a productive and fruitful life in the right direction. Devi worship, for a period of nine days - twice a year, has ever since been a ritual in almost every Hindu home. The Chaitra Navraatri is round the corner, and so understanding the significance behind it, will aid to harnessing our wild minds better. Our minds, the Scriptures say, is a wonderful equipment if tamed properly and put to right use. It can connect us to our Divine Spirit, giving us brilliance, joy and fertility!

Mother Goddesses - Maa Durga, Maa Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati put together are the Divine Powers of Brahman - The Yogmaya or Mahamaya. This Maya is Trigunaatmika having the three attributes namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. An individual needs the blessings of Mother Goddesses to overcome the adverse effects of Maya. Devi Mata blesses one to harness one’s demonic and animalistic minds to refrain from all negativities. With regards to the great values laid down by the great Rishis and our Gurus, we fail to behave in the best of ways. Though Maya is not to be blamed, but when an individual comes under the adverse sway and is ruled by Maya, it hampers one’s Spiritual progress.

Thus to overcome this, one needs to give the reigns of one’s mind into the hands of Divine. The goal for any individual is 'The Supreme', which can only be reached by defeating the lower instincts in us by saadhna, that is, effort (prayaas) in the right direction. And the effort would be to enhance our Saattvik tendencies in our Antahkaran. Then Mother Goddesses bless us to overcome our lower tendencies and we progress further.

To be steady in one’s Spiritual practices, one definitely needs a Guru’s guidance. Our great Rishis and our Gurus have programmed this nine day sadhana for us. Abiding to the principles, when we follow it, offering all our thoughts, feelings, and deeds, seeking Devi Mata’s blessings, then Mata annihilates various kinds of demons which dwell within us! During these nine days, one observes vrat, upawaas throughout the day and offers worship after sunset. Night is the time when our lower tendencies tend to activate, and at that time Mother Goddesses come forth to protect us!

Here it is also important to understand that vrat is wow taken, a pledge to fight against our lower tendencies. And upawaas is to sit closest and nearest at the Holy Feet of the Divine, that is to meditate and chant, keeping the same dhaarna through the day. As quoted and explained by Mata, the best mantra for these nine days would be:

“Roopam Dehi, Jayam Dehi, Yasho Dehi, Dwisho Jahi”

Roopam signifies inner beauty of character which reflects in the individual’s externally personality also,

Jayam meaning victory over my own lower tendencies,

Yash being the glory of the Divine, which must come from me. It is not the glory of my egoistic self. 

Dwesh— jealousy which is the hidden demon within every individual, must be destroyed completely for any progress on the Spiritual path. For this, the blessings of Mother Goddesses are required.

In this way by japa of the above Mantra, followed by concentration-contemplation, vrat, upawaas and worship of Devi Mata, one is able to harness and tame the mind, further putting it to right use.


Harmonising means integrating oneself from within, so that the speech and deeds are in harmony. In Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Chapter 12 / Shlok no 15, Bhagwaan elaborates how a seeker with harmonised personality is dear to Him! Such an individual is able to cultivate the virtues, with the blessings of the Lord.

Bhagwaan Sree Ram, who is more fondly known as Maryada Purushottam Sree Ram, by the great Rishis, is the personification of a virtuous life! Hence contemplating on the virtues of Sree Ram and singing His glory, brings peace and harmony within a seeker. Only a peaceful and harmonious individual is capable of bringing harmony and peace not only in his/her family, in the society, in the country, but into the whole world!

On the day of Sree Ram Navami, one could chant the following Mantra, contemplating on the significance of its essence.

आपदामपहर्तारं दातारं सर्वसंपदाम् ।
लोकाभिरामं श्रीरामं भूयो भूयो नमाम्यहम् ।।

“I bow down again and again to Lord Sree Ram, who uplifts the goodness in me, by removing away all the troubles inflicted internally because of my inherent tendencies, and external factors too. And may HE bestow upon me all sorts of wealth. 

One who puts my mind to peace, which is always revelling in different lokas.

May Lord Sree Ram bless me with essential restfulness”

In this way when we keep constant association with Sree Ram, who is none other than one’s own Antaraatma, then HE gives us restful peace throughout, harmonizing one’s life. Our deep reverence and heartfelt prostrations to Mother Goddesses and Lord Sree Ram!

May we all worship with the right attitude. 

Hari Aum!