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Rajib Phukan

“The brilliant full-moon of Kartik Purnima, in the clear skies of that Holy-night signifies the pure mind, fully blossomed with divine thought-flow (Sajaateeya Vritti Pravaah); a mind which is too eager to merge with the pure intellect that has the ability to distinguish between the Real and the false. A seeker having such an intellect will thereafter be blessed with Buddhi Yog (union of pure intellect with the Divine Self) by the Lord Himself.”
Maa Purnananda

Prostration at the holy feet of Guru Maa!!

This year’s Sree Kartik Purnima was on Friday, 19th November, and we were blessed to have had another grand occasion to purify our mind-intellect equipment (antahakaran) for a tryst with Divinity on the most auspicious occasion of Maha Abhishekam of Sree Ishwara - an annual Mega Event ever since the consecration of Sree Ishwara at the Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple at SISS, on this tithi, 11 years ago, i.e., 2010.


Beginning with the Puja and Havan, as per the Scriptural ordinance, in the benign presence of Guru Maa and Sree Chaitanyaji officiating as the Yajman, the rituals slowly charged up the atmosphere at Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple.

Soon the entire SISS premises was filled with reverberation of rhythmic and melodious Vedic Hymns (Sookta-s). Slowly, we could sense the increase in our levels of awareness, and we became witness to the transformations inside us. The whole environment turned so sublime that there was no alternative for the mind, except to quieten itself into the contemplation of the Higher Reality and dwell upon Him in sync with the notes of the Vedic Hymns chanted.

And, as we started the ritual of pouring or sprinkling on the Vigraha (form) as a symbol of purification, there was this intuitive cognition, that instead, the Divinity is purifying us! Each element of offering, a representative of the five great elements, it (the process) is indeed a purification of these elements within us!

External or internal, at the level of perception or intuition, the impact of the Maha Abhishekam is unstoppable!

Curd (Solid): - Smell/Nose - Solidifying our faith, at intellectual level.

Milk (Water): - Taste/Tongue - Purifying our mind.

Ghee (Fire): - Vision/Eye - Melting pot of Devotion (can’t bear the heat of separation from Divinity).

Sugar (Air) - Touch/Skin - Fruit of devotion (sweet)

Honey (Space) - Listen/Ear - Tuning our wishes (each flower a wish, a thought!) to Divinity.

Ganga Jal the purifier in totality.

Thus, the process of cleansing and purification happens at every level, with the possibility of one elevating to a higher plane of Consciousness.

Other notable part was the Rajopachar, dedicated with love to The Fragrant Divine Lotus Feet by some of the members of SISS.

As devotees took the Maha Prasad, and some returning home in joy and awe, others stayed back for the upcoming retreat on Ishavasya Upanishad, which is a crisp summary of Vedanta in all glory.

Everyone was seen to be fully satisfied and expressing gratitude for the lifetime experience of bliss and serenity. The melodious and rhythmic Hymns of sacred Vedic Sooktas will continue to resonate in my mind for all time to come and the experience be indelibly imprinted in my heart for a life-time.

The beatific and enigmatic smile of Sree Ishwara seems to be filling every corner and heart of SISS premises with serenity and love. But the icing on the cake was waiting for the dusk to engulf, THE SUDDEN EXALTED DARSHAN OF THE BRILLIANT FULL MOON amidst the cloud to bless the devotees, who were lost in celebrating the occasion by chanting and dancing in the Brahm-udyan, in the revered presence of Guru Maa!!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Humble Prostrations.