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Ambition, Aim and Accomplishment

(Address by Maa at the Scindia School, Gwalior)


Hari Aum!

The Scindia School, a premier All Boy’s Residential School established in the year 1897, spread over 150 acres of area, is situated in the historic and magnificent Gwalior Fort. The school and residential buildings (all G+ 1 structures) are made in solid sand stone having arches, louvers and long corridors, giving a beautiful blend of Royal Indian and classic British Barrack type architecture.

Celebrating it’s 125 years of transforming the future by excelling in the field of education, the school invited Maa to bless the school fraternity by addressing them at the campus in the evening of 19th March 2024, especially when the students were going through their final exams.

Maa, along-with Manishji, were received by the School Principal, Sri. Ajay Singh, Vice Principal Smt. Smita Chaturvedi and the School Bursar. During a short interaction in the Principal’s office, Sri. Ajay Singh briefed Maa about the school, it’s history, values and mission. Thereafter, all proceeded to the auditorium, where Maa was welcomed by Purnakumbh.

Then Maa was led on to the dais, where the Vice Principal welcomed Maa with a garland and offered a shawl and plant, while the Principal garlanded Manishji and offered a shawl.

After a brief introduction of Maa and Manishji, the Master of Ceremony - Aditya Singh, the Senior School Prefect, requested Manishji to address the gathering. While expressing his privilege to be amidst all in the special evening session on value education, Manishji extended his appreciation to the school authorities for arranging this program within a short span of time. He mentioned that though the topic of ‘Ambition, Aim and Accomplishment’ (The 3 A’s) appeared simple, but it has a great significance. To accomplish, one must first have an aim, and one’s ambition is behind what one’s aim is. When this circle gets completed, one shall come out a winner, which is what one aspires for! To complete this circle with righteous earnestness is the value education that escalates us in our evolution ladder. He requested all to be attentive to the address by Maa, and benefit the most to live life joyously, purposefully, progressively and most important, peacefully.

Thereafter, Aditya (anchor) requested the dignitaries to light the lamp before proceeding to their designated seats as all were eager for the words of wisdom to fall upon their thirsty ears.

Maa asked all to sit upright with backs straight and without any rest, and to follow chanting of OM three times, the sound of which reverberated through the hearts of all, across the auditorium infusing each one of us with Life! The audience comprised of school children and some teachers. Maa chose to start with the essence of the topic, ‘Ambition, Aim and Accomplishment’, through the very famous Panchatantra story of ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’, and that of ‘Guru Nanak’ Dev ji. The children loved it and were totally engrossed as the story progressed, responding to every question. Thereafter, Maa chanted the three shlokas and asked all to follow:

Vidya Dadaati Vinayam, Vinayaad Yaati Paatrataam,
Paatratvaat Dhanamaapnoti, Dhanaat Dharmam Tatah Sukham
(Hitopdesha 6)

Karmanye Vaadhikaaraste Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana,
Maa Karmaphalaheturbhuh Maa Te Sangostvakarmani.
(Ch.2, V-47, Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta)

Shraddhavaamllabhate Gnyaanam Tatparah Sanyatendriyah,
Gynaanam Labdhva Paraam Shaantim Achirenaadhigacchati.
(Ch-4, V – 39, Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta)

All were excited and listened very attentively, repeating each shlok with sincerity.

The first shlok mentions the importance of gaining knowledge to ultimately gain happiness coming through discipline, worthiness and wealth. The second shlok mentions that one has the right to work only and not to the fruits of action. And that the fruits of action should not be one’s motive and the attachment to it should not lead to inaction. The third shloka mentions that those who have deep faith in the Scriptures and the Guru, and have practised controlling the senses, attain the Divine knowledge – the Supreme peace. So the need to have an ambition in life is very important and that forms the very basis of anything we do. Then one is to have an aim to reach the ambition, and accomplishing the ambition becomes the target.

After Maa’s address, the Principal in his vote of thanks said, that the school was grateful to Maa for agreeing to come in such a short notice and said that the school was very fortunate and truly blessed by Maa’s presence. He regretted that some senior classes could not attend the session due to their exams the following day, but with humility he requested Maa to again bless the school whenever convenient.

Maa was then escorted back, as the students and faculty experienced the blessings of a Saint, which probably left a lasting impression in their minds.

Hari Aum!