Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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Maa’s Benign Blessings at our Homes

Stay at Ramakunj
(7th to 12th April)

My pranaam to Maa,

I am happy to share my personal experience of having a chance to host such a spiritual person like Maa with us, who spread so much of positivity around. We were blessed during her stay here.

Knowing Maa informally was such a great pleasure, and I realized how easy She is to speak with and interact with.

On 8th April, I, along with my wife, got a chance to perform Paad Puja at Maa’s Holy Feet. The whole process of doing the Puja was a new learning for me, and there was a different connectivity, which I had never felt before.

To sum up, I would like to say that it was a different festivity and gaiety all together, in Maa’s presence.

Hari Aum
Rishi Bagla

Visit to Tulshan house
(9th April – Evening)

Hari Aum!

My pranaam at Maa’s Feet.

I did not believe it to be true, when I got to know that the event which was much prayed for – Guru Maa’s coming to Aurangabad, was actually happening! It was such a blessing to be in Her presence and guidance for these 6 days, where one of these days She came to our house to bless our family. Being in the presence of Maa, itself was very warm and loving.

Since morning, my grandmother’s instructions to me were very strict, that I should not leave my things here and there, keep the house neat and tidy and get involved in the preparations. Welcoming Guru Maa, we offered Purna Kumbh Arati and washed her Holy Feet. I got a chance to make some Paneer tikka for her. We all sat and discussed about food, the little treasures of life and how much we have been keeping in touch with our Conscience and God. I could also see the delight on my grandmother’s, father’s and mother’s face throughout. Our neighbours had also joined us for the Prasad meals that evening. I felt a different calmness and serenity that day.

Then, Maa had dinner with us where I got a chance to serve Her. This was followed by a brief sitting in the living room. That quality time spent with Her was sufficient to bring back all the cherished memories I had about my summer camps and other visits to SISS.

I was super happy to be around Maa after almost two years of Covid. It was truly an awaited and a magical experience and I look forward to many more visits by Gurumaa and Manish Mama. I am also looking forward to go to SISS to meet them!

Hari Aum & Pranaam.
Riddhima (12 yrs)

Visit to Bazaz House & Sree Ram Navami Puja
(10th April – Morning)

Hari Aum and pranaam at the Holy Feet of Guru Maa!

I was fortunate to have Maa at our residence. We performed Sree Ram Navami Puja in her presence. The Puja was performed with the method prescribed in Ishwar Upasana book compiled and designed by Maa. It was a blissful experience! There was total satisfaction in my mind after the Puja. I am blessed to have my Gurumaa on such an auspicious day.

Though I have had several opportunities of performing Puja before, but the Puja which Maa made us perform, was something very different! Again I am repeating, the experience which I had, cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt.

My humble prostrations at the holy Feet of my Guru.

I seek forgiveness for any mistake I have done knowingly or unknowingly.

Hari Aum
Manoj Bazaz