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YEAR 2020

A New Beginning

Aurangabad Study Circle,

Hari Aum

The dawn of new year, with collective chanting of The Lord’s Holy names by Satyavrat Aurangabad Study Circle, bestowed a ray of new hope and happiness in all our hearts!

What could have been better than commencing this most awaited new year (after all the upheaval in the past year 2020), with Homam and chanting, dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu; The Lord Manifest!

Under the able guidance of Manish bhaiya, our mentor, the Aurangabad study circle, in sync with the traditions laid by Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences (SISS), offered Sree Maha Vishnu puja & Sree Vishnu Sahasranaam Homam, at the Aurangabad center ‘Raj Kutir’ (fondly named by Her Holiness Herself)

All the seekers got together enthusiastically, each one voluntarily taking up some or other seva, which included puja preparations, homam preparations, arranging flowers etc. 

Post puja and homam, since it being the first Friday of the month, we sat down to read, discuss and understand Mata’s monthly article from the website.

This being so apt, what better blessings could have been bestowed upon us, than Mata’s golden words of wisdom!

We all were full of gratitude.

The ceremony ended with a sweet note to be precise.

Halwa prasaadam and lunch prasaad (prepared by all so lovingly), gave a different boost and rejuvenation to our study circle as never before the meals tasted so good, than we all having them together. It made us all fully satisfied!

As we dispersed, our hearts were filled with divine bliss, and our contemplative minds were awash and ready to reach out to new heights, anchored deep into this faith and contentment, that yes- "We are truly blessed, guided & protected by The Guru Parampara!!”

Hari Aum