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All is Worthless Indeed! (Without Devotion to the Guru)

Dubai (U.A.E)

“Namo-stu te Vyaasa-vishaalabuddhe,
Phullaaravindaa Yatapatr-netr.
Yena Twayaa Bhaaratataila-poornah,
Prajwaalito Jnaanamayah Pradeepah.”

Salutations unto thee, O Vyasa, of broad intellect and with eyes large like the petals of a full-blown lotus, by whom the lamp of divine Knowledge, filled with the oil of the Mahabharata, has been lighted!

In Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta Chapter 10, the Lord declares, that He is the source of everything, but wherever and whenever we see something glorious, spectacular and powerful – it is His Glory; it is His very exclusive manifestation – "Vibhooti." Sree Krishna points out that among the Pandavas, He is Arjuna; among the great sages, He is Vyasa; and among the Vrishnis, He is Vasudeva Sree Krishna. These are just few of His manifestations and glories.

Who is the teacher of the Geeta? Bhagwaan Himself. Who is the student? Bhagwaan in another form – Arjuna – who, as already pointed out, is His own glory. Who is the composer? Sree Vedavyasa Ji, another manifestation of the Lord’s beauty and brilliance. 

As per my understanding this was the theme of 'Divine Charioteer' – the Topic of the Call Talk; Maaji blended so beautifully the whole session on the auspicious occasion of Sree Vyasa Purnima.    

Maaji took us through a beautiful prayer for our revered Gurus:

ध्यानमूलं गुरुर्मूर्तिः
पूजामूलं गुरुर्पदम् ।
मन्त्रमूलं गुरुर्वाक्यं
मोक्षमूलं गुरूर्कृपा ॥

“Dhyaanmoolam Gururmurtih 
Pujaamoolam Gururpadam.
Mantramoolam Gururvaakyam
Mokshmoolam Gururkripa."

In these 4 lines, Maaji has told us about the Goal of the Life that we need to seek on our Spiritual journey, which is Moksh, which is the final destination. But that’s not possible to achieve without the practice of first 3, which include Puja, Mantra, and Dhyaanam and once we practice these 3, the ultimate goal Moksh, will be achieved definitely. So, I need to work upon myself, and be vigilant whether the Spiritual journey is a "part" of my Life or the very "basis" of my life. I must question myself, if it is the very basis of my life, then this human life is worth living and Maaji assured, that there is a possibility of evolution.

To make this understanding better, the topic in itself gives a glimpse of the whole scenario of the battlefield, where, when Arjuna needed a Divine Charioteer, he surrendered himself at the Lotus Feet of Sree Krishna, Who was his Charioteer. Arjuna has given the reins of the horses, Panch Gnyanendriyas in the hands of the Divine Charioteer, Sree Krishna Himself, and wants to get His guidance. In our day to day sadhana if we include daily reading /studying of the Bhagawad Geeta and listening to the Discourses by Maaji, then this Divine Charioteer will not let us move away from the Ultimate goal.

Our Upanishads remind us that the Sadguru is none other than "Divya jyoti." I pray to cultivate this unflinching faith, to get the grace of the Guru. Once I surrender myself with unswerving faith at the Lotus feet of the Guru; then alone it is possible to get blessed by the Guru, and get His teachings, His guidance and His grace. 

So the question is whether I have climbed that Divine Chariot, whose Charioteer is none other than Jagad Guru Sree Krishna Himself? 

While writing this article one more thought came to my mind, about Sree Dakshinaamurty – Lord Shiva who is the 1st Guru – God Facing South. Lord Shiva can bestow wisdom not by teaching, but by removing ignorance or darkness present in me, and this is why Dakshinaamurty teaches through silence.

Gurus give us this sacred Knowledge and help us to remove the dirt, the inner ignorance by bestowing the wisdom or Gyana.

I am really indebted to the Guru Parampara. To reach this level of Sadhana, I really need grace of our Gurus. Guru Kripa, or the blessings of the Guru is the most precious thing in my life without which, my life is worthless. 

Worthless is all, when my mind is not drenched deep in devotion at the Lotus Feet of My Guru!

All is worthless, All is worthless indeed!!!

I humbly offer my prayers at the Lotus Feet of Maaji, seeking blessings from the revered Sree Guru Parampara to be on this Righteous path, for the strength to be on this sacred Spiritual journey always, and to understand the right import of the Scriptural statements under the guidance of Sadguru HH Maa Purnananda Ji. 

My Humble Prostrations 

Hari Aum!