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The Dawn of the New Year 2022

Delhi NCR

Hari Aum!

Prostrations at the holy feet of Maa ji and Sree Guru Parampara.  

Maa ji says -

"Commence the year 2022 with a resolve to learn from the past, look forward to the future, and live in the present."

"May the dawn of the year 2022 bring brighter days with happier happenings & soulful satisfaction".

According to Maa, Shraddha is important for true believers of the Supreme Reality. It is the unflinching Faith towards the Divine, which should be nurtured by the seekers. “Sat” dharayate iti ‘Shraddha’. It makes the seeker understand that the Supreme Self alone is Sat or Real. The sacred acts of "Yagna" inculcate and enhance one's Shraddha, which helps him understand the Supreme Self better. At the same time, without the guidance of the Guru, it is difficult to cultivate this unswerving Faith. It is He who explains the philosophy behind performing the Yagna rituals.

We at SISS, are blessed to have our Pujya Gurumaa, who has been a guiding force in our strive towards Divinity. While the entire world was celebrating the dawn of the New Year 2022 with a resolution to satisfy the objective goals, like every year, Maa ji guided us to welcome the New Year with soulful satisfaction.

The day started with welcoming Maa ji with Poorna Kumbh. This was followed by Mangal Arati at the Sree Ishwara Darshan Temple. We performed Sree Vishnu Sahastranaam Homam in Sadguru Sharanam with Chaitanya ji officiating as the yajmaan. Each Stotra was followed by an oblation in the holy fire, coinciding with the chant “Idam na mamah”. This is a constant reminder for all of us to sacrifice our ego while performing our daily activities. This is the only way that can help us transcend our identification with our BMI and make us understand our Higher Inner Self.

Enjoying the lunch Prasad along with Maaji and Manish ji and other members in the Brahm-udyan, has always been a delightful experience. The beauty of creation in it’s full bloom in the Brahm-udyan gives an added attraction to the chilly winter morning. The whole atmosphere purifies our mind and soul. It paves way to learn from our past wrong doings and to live in the present with complete surrender at the lotus feet of Sree Ishwara.

My sincere gratitude to Maa ji who has been a guiding factor in diverting our mind from our mundane existence towards the ladder of evolution. May the New Year bring us love, compassion and hope for a better Divine life.

My heartfelt pranaams at the lotus feet of Gurumaa and a very Happy New Year 2022 to all everyone.

Hari Aum