Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

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Hold onto the ‘Ladder to the Lord’

Hari Aum and humble prostrations at the Holy Feet of Maa ji! 

It is easy to fall, but hard to rise. We hardly realise when we fall. 

By following Sanatan Dharma, we not only realise that we are falling, but we also know how to rise back.

Meditating upon objects destroys the intellect.  

Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta does not stop us from enjoying life and worldly objects, but tells us, not to get attached to them.

When we are de-aligned from Divinity, we face sorrows. Sanatan Dharma helps us to be on track and stay aligned with Divinity. 

When aligned with Divinity, one’s sorrows get eliminated and they rise. 

Hari Aum,
Sruthi & Laya Natesan.
Burdubai - Bal Satya