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Maa's Janmadivas – Joy of Celebrating!


Hari Aum!

Humble pranaam at Maa ji's Lotus Feet!

Humble pranaam to Manish ji!

It was a very long gap of more than 2 years since I visited SISS. A very unplanned trip which turned out to be most memorable for me. I had gone to Chennai, and while returning I wanted to have Maa's darshan. I was lucky enough and blessed to be present at the ashram during Maa's Janmadin!. I have so far visited SISS only during Guru Purnima accompanied by a retreat. This was the first time I was there when there was no retreat. So, I along with few other devotees who were there got ample time to spend with Maa ji.

On 9th morning, we had Maa's darshan when Maa came for a morning walk. After Arati, Maa read out Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji's message for the day:

"The average man looks up at night, and sees thousands and thousands of twinkling stars, each different from the other. But a man of wisdom and achievement, perceives the one light, behind the dark dome of the night sky, whose incandescent peeps at us through all the holes in the night-dome! To see the One in many is the casual vision of knowledge. To see the many in the One is the vision of wisdom."

How powerful it was! I have never thought in this perspective. It reminds me of the Virat roop of Bhagawan Sree Krishna at the Kurukshetra, where He blessed Arjun with the Divine Vision to see the whole cosmos in One Form.

Then we collected flowers from Brahm-Udyaan for Sree Guru Paad puja. A beautiful garland was made quickly from lotus stem by one of the staff members. Divinity was in the air that reflected in the garden flowers, fruits and vegetables. Puja was offered at Maa's lotus feet. During Abhishekam of Maa's lotus feet, Guru Paduka Stotram was chanted. Maa explained the meaning of the last stanza:

कामादिसर्पव्रजगारुडाभ्यां विवेकवैराग्यनिधिप्रदाभ्याम् ।
बोधप्रदाभ्यां दृतमोक्षदाभ्यां नमो नमः श्रीगुरुपादुकाभ्याम् ॥

Our desires are the serpents which will be snatched away by Garuda, who is our Vivek and Vairagya developed by the Knowledge attained from the Guru, who liberates us instantly. To the Lotus Feet of that SadGuru, I offer my Salutations!

This was followed by Lunch Maha Prasad. Manish ji had organised couple of games after Mahaprasad. After the games, a question came up as to why we celebrate birthdays. Some of us were giving our opinions on it and Maaji finally explained to us that it was an opportunity or reminder for us to think about our purpose of life. We easily get distracted from the purpose for which we came into this world. Even seemingly good things in life contribute in diverting our attention from our true purpose. So, it is very essential for us to remain alert. Else we won't understand the instructions given by the Guru. Maa also mentioned that wearing marks of a Hindu is not that important than bearing a good character at heart.

I was curious to know the difference between the two words PrajnA and PrAjna. Maa explained that PrajnA refers to the Saattvik aspect of wisdom, intelligence and understanding. Whereas, PrAjna means ignorance, which is the cause for my taking birth, that takes me away from Divinity.

Even at other times, whether it be over meals, or while taking a casual stroll with Maa ji in Brahm-Udyaan, whatever Maa said was very precious, and for me it was like an instruction which just stayed in my heart.

Evening time was spent with some healthy discussions with few of Maa's devotees. Later that evening, I expressed my desire to seek ‘Naam Deeksha’ by Maaji, having taken ‘Mantra Deeksha’ from Her few years back. I was blessed by Mata’s kindness, and the next morning after Arati, Maa bestowed upon me the name ‘Ajita’, meaning ‘Invincible’. This one name teaches me how much effort I should put in to win over my innumerable lower tendencies. I pray to Maa for Her grace, for my unswerving Devotion unto Her, for right Knowledge and right understanding of Her teachings and for a peaceful Spiritual life. The message of Gurudev for that day was:

"The really poor man isn't the one who lacks money, but who lacks the joy of the heart."

Again, a strong message put in simple words, which I think should be read every day instead of once a year!

I do not know the mistakes I have made during my stay at SISS. The veil of ignorance is so thick and dense, that it is difficult to see through my own mistakes. I seek for forgiveness from Maa with the following Shloka.

करचरणकृतं वाक्-कायजं कर्मजं वा 
श्रवणनयनजं वा मानसं वाऽपराधम् ।
विहितमविहितं वा सर्वमेतत् क्षमस्व 
जयजय करुणाब्धे श्री महादेव शम्भो ॥

My Pranaams to Manishji, who stands tall to inspire all of us by his thoughts and deed.

I thank the entire staff of SISS for making my stay there, very comfortable.

Dhanyavaad and Pranaam!

Blessed to be with Guru Maa on the very auspicious janm divas