Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
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The Mind-Intellect Equipment

Ramanan &Gayatri
Dubai (U.A.E)

Our humble pranaam at Maaji's Lotus Feet!

Our humble pranaams to Manish ji, we thank him for this wonderful divine opportunity to listen to Maaji on this auspicious occasion.

Bhagwaan takes Avataar whenever there is a downfall of Righteousness and to uplift our Dharma. We know that whichever Avataar it is, it is the same Supreme Being. Similarly, Gurus come in this world to uplift human beings and guide them on the right path. Bhaarat has seen innumerable Gurus grace the land time and again, but the Guru Tattwa is one. It is always easier to learn from a Guru who lives in our period and guides us. We are fortunate to have Maa as our Guru and Philosopher who constantly mends our way of thinking like a potter mends the wet clay. Good and evil exist inside us only. Only by reading Shastras, we have to bring out the Divinity from within us. Only the Guru makes us understand our Scriptures in the right way.

On the punya dinam of Akshay Tritiya, we got to listen to Maa the significance of the occasion. Maa explained the meaning behind the Akshay paatra with a grain of rice given by Lord Krishna to Draupadi. Bhagwaan has given the choice to us, the seeker to decide what we want to consume, what we want to offer God and what we want to give others. We should decide what we want to sustain upon.

Head indicates the Intellect (Buddhi), which holds a superior position and which we use for learning, executing and thereby to survive. Maa said Gurudev's teachings have always been intellectual. In Spirituality, we should not get carried away by our emotions but find out the Truth or Philosophy hidden in our Religion. Maa always says, "Where there is emotion, there is no Devotion". Maaji quoted Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta verses 30, 31 and 32 of Chapter 18, to understand our Buddhi and classify it, based on 3 Gunas, Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas.

Verse 30 - We should be clear on what is to be done, and what not to be done based on Dharma, not our likes or dislikes. Only a Sattwik Intellect can work this way.

Verse 31 - Our Raajasik tendency will drive our Intellect in the direction of our whims and fancies but not based on Dharma.

Verse 32 - Tamas deludes ones’ Intellect and he/she misunderstands Dharma for adharma and vice versa.

Sattwa shows us our own ugliness and helps us to overcome our lower tendencies. When we enhance our Sattwik tendency, then our Buddhi merges with the Heart, which happens by constant learning, practice and implementation of Scriptures. The heart aspect can be well understood from the Upanishads. Maa quoted a verse from Kaivalya Upanishad -

विविक्तदेशे च सुखासनस्थः शुचिः समग्रीवशिरःशरीरः । अत्याश्रमस्थ: सकलेन्द्रियाणि निरुध्य भक्त्या स्वगुरुं प्रणम्य ।।

हृत्पुण्डरीकं विरजं विशुद्धं विचिन्त्य मध्ये विषदं विशोकम् । अचिन्त्यमव्यक्तमनन्तरूपं शिवं प्रशान्तममृतं ब्रह्मयोनिम् ।।

We have to glide from Head to Heart by enhancing our Spiritual understanding by reading scriptures like Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, which purify our Mind-Intellect equipment.

This Lotus Heart is the seat of Lord Shiva, the Auspiciousness in us. It has infinite love and compassion. To attain that state, under able guidance from the Sadguru, the seeker has to choose a secluded place, withdraw his senses and focus on the Supreme. With constant practice, the pure Intellect merges and blossoms into the Heart. Then the Auspiciousness reveals Itself in the heart, which is unconditional and all encompassing. This is the only purpose of life. This evolution is possible only through constant study of Scriptures under Guru's guidance.

Maa mentioned that we have to be sensible as well as sensitive without getting emotional. Maaji quoted Gurudev saying "Use your Head while dealing with yourself and use your Heart while dealing with others". We should sublimate our ego to the Guru, the ego which comes in-between our Head and Heart. This very rare human birth has to be utilized well for our Spiritual evolution.

All this is our understanding of what Maaji spoke and we seek forgiveness for any errors in our understanding.

Dhanyavaadah and Pranaam!