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Kshetra and Kshetrajna – The Ultimate Knowledge

Ashish Wig

Hari Aum

Prostrations at the Lotus and Holy feet of Pujya Guru Maa.

On the 13th February’2021, we were once again blessed to hear Maa’s talk on yet another very important subject – “The Field and the Yield”. The Talk added to my understanding of some concepts, which we learnt during our sessions with Gurumaa on Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta. Through this article, I have attempted to briefly share my limited understanding on the subject.

“Kshetra” is Idam – Shariram – the Body - the Matter – the Field. It could also be said that the Body is called the Kshetra which means the field because the fruits of action are reaped in it as in the field. Just as seeds sown in a field, yield the corresponding crops in a course of time, so also, the seeds of Karma sown in this body, yield their fruit at the appropriate time. In-fact, the yield is not only the produce, but also the seed of the produce. We should not only enjoy the produce but also, not forget the very source.

Coming back to the Field – Body; it can be divided in three different categories for our better understanding: The physical body or the ‘Gross body’, the ‘Subtle body’, and the tendencies / bundle of vasanas which is the ‘Causal body’. The bodies are subject to change & decay and hence are temporary and perishable, whereas the Soul that enlivens the bodies is permanent and eternal. I understood this better with the example of some bulbs of varying wattage, arrayed in a line, giving different light with the same electricity. When a bulb fuses, the phenomena of electricity continues un-disturbed. The light of the fused bulb goes no-where and no harm is caused to the electricity. Similarly, here, different beings can be considered as bulbs and electricity as the enlivening spark of Consciousness. So, when a person dies, no harm comes to Consciousness.

“Kshetrajna” – Knower of the Field – the Soul, which is, in reality one with the Supreme Soul. It is well understood that “I” as an embodied Soul, consider myself to be different from another person as an embodied Soul. But there is only one Reality / one Supreme through many bodies / many Souls, which yet does not get divided. Ishwara is the Knower of the fields of all Souls, being situated as the Supreme Soul in the heart of all living beings. By one’s association with satsang, sincere spiritual studies under a Sadguru, and living as per the injunctions in scriptures, it is said that one can come to know the body, the individual soul and the Supreme Soul.

To distinguish the worlds of Subject and Object is the true Knowledge and knowledge about Kshetra and Kshetrajna is the “Ultimate Knowledge.”

Kshetrajna is the very source of creation or the yield. Yield comes before the Field. If Yield the very source, is Divine based then we must cultivate Spirituality in the fields of our lives. If it is desire based then we sow the seeds of plurality and cultivate it as per our need and greed.

For sowing seeds of Spirituality, we need to seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. Only then, can we have a beautiful life, spreading its fragrance all around like Vasant, where nature spreads in its full glory embracing the fragrance of flora. Then only, the creation can be a Vasant like life for us.

As I begin my Spiritual journey in my practical life, I bow down to Goddess Saraswati to help me get back to my Yield.

Forever seeking Maa’s blessings!

Hari Aum