Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

YEAR 2021

YEAR 2020

A New Year of Togetherness & Oneness

Manoj Soni,
NCR Study Circle,

Hari Aum

The unprecedented 2020 starting from March’20 was a roller coaster year for the entire world!
However we were able to get back to the activities at SISS with the grace of Maa ji & the guidance of Manish ji. This started a bit after the lockdown relaxation post August’20 with resumption of the study circle classes. With the blessings of Almighty, myself along with other fellow seekers at Noida/NCR decided to continue the momentum of our studies at SISS and with great hopes and Divine Grace, we have been really blessed to get the opportunity to come to SISS every week!! 

On the 1st Jan’21, we came to SISS in the morning to embark the New year with the recital of Sree Gayatri Homam which was performed under the auspices of Guru Maaji. We decorated the Sadguru Sharanam & the Temple with flowers. The homam had the recital of Sree Vishnu Sahasranaam by Maaji. Manish ji who led the Homam along with Yadav ji, Neera ji, Sharmishtha ji, Pradeep ji and myself got the opportunity to offer oblations in the Homam. With the blessings & the guidance from Maaji, it was indeed a bliss to perform the Homam, and the holy fire gave warmth & blessings on the cold day. We normally have many seekers who come on 1st Jan every year, however due to still ongoing fear of the pandemic and travel restrictions we were few. This gave us all present there to offer more aahutis in the holy fire ... Truly blessed! 

We also performed Puja at the temple and it was followed by Prasad. It is unbelievable to get the organic produce from the Brahm Udyan which is just Divine!! Many fruits, vegetables & salad leaves were made available by the staff at SISS which were also consumed as salad during the lunch!! At SISS, we always have lunch which we all look forward as a finale with a final cup of Tea. This year too, we had a delicious lunch prepared by Neera ji & Sharmishta ji and our all talented Manish ji making the Puris and ofcourse the divine Prasadam!

We all had a conviction and inner strength to pursue our path sincerely and hence to get back to our engagement with SISS. We diligently started the Aatm Bodh text in December’ 2020 as we were preparing to exit the last year and bid the year good bye to bring health to everyone in the world.  We have now completed 6 classes of the Text and would conclude by the end of January’2021; a nice way to have a start to the Year.   

 I have stepped into this fascinating new year with a resolve to continue the current path chosen with more vigour, focus and also make all of efforts to elevate myself in this pursuit. We also pray that we can meet our other fellow seekers soon and bring back the feeling of togetherness & oneness!!