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Evolve by Mutation or Meditation; Choice is Yours

Sudha Bazaz

Hari Aum!

On the occasion of Maha Shivraatri, we were blessed with Mata's discourse on 'Dissolve to Evolve’. Maha Shivraatri is very significant for everyone. It is of utmost importance to the people who are on the Spiritual journey. Shivraatri comes on the 14th day of every lunar month but Maha Shivraatri which is a conjugation of 13th and 14th day of the Hindu calendar comes once a year, an ideal day to contemplate on the form - Lord Shiva of the Formless. 

In today's world of technology, we face internal as well as external obstructions while connecting with Divine. One of them being ‘Mobile Technology. This technology has given lots of benefit to the human race but at the same time it is causing isolation in people, wastage of valuable time, distraction from work etc. External gadgets need to be eliminated while performing any focused studies or work. 

The creation is due to desire. Our fruits fructify this creation. But there is always a possibility to dissolve this creation and evolve. This evolution can be by mutation or meditation.  In mutation new species are formed due to the sudden and unexpected emergence of defined and undefined traits. This creates an imbalance in the environment. Our Rishis could observe this and they realized human race can evolve without this type of mutation. Conscious and positive change should be Spiritually motivated and not by desire. Through meditation alone, we can end all our perception of plurality and walk away from their endless enchantments. We should attempt to dissolve the past and not worry about the future. We have to make our mind, our own friend. To have a friendly mind, that can take us to greater heights, what could be better than meditating upon the form of Lord Shiva who is the Auspiciousness in us. His Consort Mata Parvati represents Creation. Lord Shiva is smeared with ashes which denotes dispassion. Everything in the end will be converted to ashes. The Lord drank halaahal poison of vishay to protect the creation and got His name as ‘Neelkantha’. Trishul signifies that our three bodies (gross, subtle, causal) need to be pierced. Causal body is the root cause of our birth. Lord Shiva is holding Mother Ganges in His Jatta. She is flowing down enriching humanity. Mother Ganga is blessed by Her father Himalaya. She reminds us of our sacred journey. She purifies us, and accepts our ashes.  The moon adorned by the Lord reminds us that we are complete. We have to lift our mind to our intellect level. The third eye of Lord Shiva signifies Knowledge. 

Our day should conclude with the evening prayer- 

‘Karacaranakrtam Vaakkayajam Karmajam Va,
Sravananayanajam Va Maanasam Va paraadham,
Vihitamavihitam Va Sarvametat ksamasva,
Jaya Jaya Karunabdhe Shri Mahaadeva sambho’

Meaning, whatever mistake I have made with my Gnyaanendriya-s and karmendriya-s, or by mind, body or intellect, knowingly or unknowingly, Lord Shiva who is all compassionate please forgive me. Help me to save myself from my own delusory attachments. You are the ‘Ocean of Kindness’.

Hari Aum!