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A Soul-Stirring Spiritual Retreat

Deepa & Suresh Poduval



Hari Aum!

Prostrations to the Guru Parampara, up to H H Maa Purnanandaji (Maaji), who has taken us under Her wings, teaching us Shaastras, for our evolution. We have been associated with Maaji since the past few of years, during which we have gained a lot of insight through Her discourses on various scriptures, including Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Tattwa Bodh, Sreemad Bhaagvatam, Ramayana, etc. We were blessed to have been able to attend the recent Retreat at Satyavrat Institute of Subjective Sciences (SISS)once again, this Guru Purnima, on “The Enigmatic AUM” and more importantly,to be initiated by Maaji.

The objective here was to learn meditation on AUM and understand the true meaning of AUM. We tried to assimilate the basic essence of AUM and tune-up to our inner Self. In this unreal world, attached to the material objects, we have almost lost this ability to tune to the subtle. Hence, initially we found it a bit difficult to grasp the Subjective Science dealing with the unstruck Sacred Sound beyond Space. However, Guru’s grace and the meditation techniques taught, helped us immensely in sharpening our focus and alertness, to absorb the subject matter better. It made us realise the power of a pure and sharp mind.

Guided Sessions on Meditation

meditation classes taught us the step-by-step techniques to integrate our body, mind and intellect, by closing all gates of the body, restraining the mind in the heart, and rising from the gross to subtle. It taught us to transcend up to subtle Space by chanting AUM while revelling at the Holy-feet of Lord. Understanding indestructible AUM as the three States – waking, dream, and deep-sleep, helped us use chanting as a tool to transcend the stages of Naad, Binduand Kala. All the wrong concepts we had on meditation were shattered. Like cattle, we all have been following common meditation practices, the objective of which was to quieten the mind and suppress thoughts as opposed to enlivening them up to the Divine Sheen. When we chant the Mantra “Na Tatra Suryo …… Tasya Bhaasa…”, which we have been doing mechanically for some time now, makes us realize the depth now. Once we realise that Light of Consciousness, the terms Aham(I) and Idam (this)are understood.

The discourse on the Upanishadic analogy of the bow and arrow took the whole concept of AUM to a much subtler level. Like a professional archery coach, Maaji taught us to hold the bow of AUM-kar steadily with our vision focused on the Target (Brahman). Pulling the bow-string back with strength, sustained steadiness and conviction to ensure the arrow (Jeevaatma) gets the maximum flight towards it’s Aim.

Maaji directed, observed, trained and corrected us on every minute aspect - from positioning the leg to straighten the back, the gradual increment of the silence between AUMs, the awareness level, to the minor adjustments of breath etc. All these were very helpful tips on Japa, to pull our self away from gross identification, allowing the Jeevaatma to travel in the inner Silence.

Maaji also reminded us of the four-fold qualification as mentioned by Sree Adi Shankaracharya in the beginning of ‘Tattwa Bodh’, and the need to follow the Yama, Niyam, Aasan, Pranayaam and Pratyahaar, in order to be able to steady the Antahkaran (the four-fold inner equipment) for a long time before we may get on toDhaarna& Dhyaan. We pray that we get the strength to make regular worship and study an integral part of our lives.

As Maaji said, focusing on the Daivi-Sampattis will aid our progress. By imparting the significance and application of the Eka-Akshar-Brahm AUM through selected Mantras from the Upanishads, The Bhagawad Geeta, and Sree Guru Geeta, Maaji has now put us on a much higher platform, preparing us for the great leap into the pinnacle of Knowledge – the Upanishads. We now understand that devotion and Knowledge go hand in hand and we realise the need for inculcating Shraddha to be able to hold on to the Divine Truth.

Following the convocation, we should – as Maaji said - no more remain mere devotees singing our songs of sorrow. Having taken the sacred vow, with Maaji’s blessing and being in Her association at Sree Gurupaad , now for sure, we disciples can progress on the path to gain this Ultimate Knowledge and revel in the blissful infinite happiness.

A special mention to Manishji as all of this would not have been possible without his dedication and tireless efforts. We are always grateful for his patience and willingness to listen and spread his light of knowledge. How can we not mention Pablo! He is such a disciplined soul. We at times, fail to understand and forget to follow instructions because of our arrogance, or maybe ignorance, but Pablo does not!

Blessed to be under the shelter of Maaji.