Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta
As understood by Seekers

Being with myself

YEAR 2022

YEAR 2021

YEAR 2020

Saadhna Panchkam Retreat

Sumati Bhatt

New Delhi

Hari Aum!

We ten of us had the opportunity of having our mind elevated at satsang with MaaPurnanandajiin a serene, beautiful atmosphere.

The purpose of human life is to reach the Higher Self from lower self, byPurushaarth in Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha at all levels.

AdiShankaracharyajihas given 40 simple steps to follow. Study the Scriptures daily, dedicate all actions as worship to the Lord. Desire to be renounced not encouraged, recognizing objects to be riddled with pain.Practice to remain in solitude, seek companionship with the wise. Take shelter at Guru’s feet. Serve, adore, admire the Ideals, to be blessed by His Grace.

By following this, dispassion can be felt. Be absorbed in the attitude ‘I am Brahman, not body’.Give very less importance to food. Whatever food we get, take it as a prasad. Food for all senses should be curtailed.

Endure all pairs of opposites by shifting identification to Self. Be a witness (By liquidating the ego through Sacrifice, we will be able to stand as unaffected witness in our lives).Be indifferent to turbulence in the world. Upaasana, prayers, worship and study of scriptures, meditation are the means to quieten the mind, which in turn helps to be in undisturbed thought of the Supreme Lord. Realize and see All Pervading Self everywhere.

Through Wisdom realize that I am not karta or bhokta. Experience and exhaust the past actions as praarabdha humbly. Courageously follow the steps indicated, live absorbed in the Bhav.

‘I am Brahman’