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Hari Narayana‼️‼️

Pranams to H H Maa Purnananda ji🙏

Hari Aum to everyone‼️

By God’s Grace and Gurudev’s blessings, I had the wonderful opportunity of Being with Maaji for 10 days during her South India visit in Aug 2019. I have to thank Maa ji and Manish ji for giving me this greatest blessing of organizing Maaji’s visit. Apart from Maaji’s inspirational talks at various places, the schedule also included Maaji’s visit to few of the most important temples in Tamil Nadu, especially in Trichy, Tanjore and in Coimbatore.


For Maaji’s Trichy visit and Darshan at Sri Renganathar Swamy temple, Srirengam, I coordinated with Chella ji, one the most prominent devotee of Maaji at Dubai. We were neighbors in Dubai. Here, I have to tell briefly about Chella ji and her family. Chella ji and her husband Bhatta ji belong to ardent Vaishnava Battacharya family, whose families for generations were doing sewa to Lord Renganatha at Sriregam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu and at Srirengapattnam, Mysore and Sri Gopalakrishna temple at Kollegal in Karnataka respectively.

Sree Periyalvar (9 th century), was one the 12 Alvar Saints and he was the foster father of Sri Andal, the only female Alvar, who wrote Thirupavai. Chella Ji’s father, Sri Utthamanambi is the 96th generation Bhattacharya, in the lineage of Periyalvar, doing sewa at Srirengam temple and especially taking care of Sri Andal sannidhi at the temple. Her brother Sri Venkatesh (Babu) is continuing the traditions as 97th generation in the lineage.

We were really blessed to have them as our neighbors in Dubai and in SISS family. Even though I had gone so many times to the temples, but going with Maaji was a different experience, that too worshiping important temples in Chathurmasya with a Sanyasin was truly a blessed event.

With that in mind we shall enter Srirengam Sri Renganathar temple for Darshan....

Sri Renganathar temple at Srirengam, is one of the biggest temples in Tamilnadu, the first of the 108 Divya desams (temples) for Lord Vishnu, in the island Srirengam, formed by the river Sree Kaveri and Kollidam. After crossing 3 prakaras, we entered the main temple, first, we had the Darshan of the huge Golden Garudalvar, waiting to take back Permal to Vaikunta at the end of Kaliyuga, then went inside the temple to have Darshan of the main residing Deity Lord Sri Renganathar in Sayana Thiru Kolam (posture), and the Urchava Murthy, after Maaji accepting the honors given to her by the temple authorities, we moved to residing Goddess Sri Renganayaki Thayar sannidhi, after that we worshipped at Sri Andal, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Danvantri, last at Chakkratalvar sannidhi and finished seeing the temple’s Thousand pillars mandapam and Kambar mandapam, where Kambaramayanam was first recited by Kambar in 12 th century.

Chella ji and her brother Babu ji accompanied us and gave guidance, explained many important aspects of the Sri Renganathar temple.

Next day, at early morning, we all started to Tanjore, an hour drive from Trichy.


The thought Tanjore itself brought goosebumps, as it reminded me of The Greatest king of Indian history, The King RajaRaja Chola, and Tanjore was the capital of the Chola Empire. Sri Brihadeeshwara temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located at the South banks of Sree Kaveri was built by King RajaRaja. The mere site of the temple brought tears into my eyes. I would prefer to write separately about the greatness of this temple.

At Sree Brihadeeshwara Temple, Tanjore, Maaji was the special guest of the present Maratha Prince of the Bhonsle dynasty of the princely state of Tanjavur. The appointed representative of the Prince, Sri Rengarajan, arranged Abishekam and Pooja for Lord Brihadeeshwara and Ambal Periya Nayaki. The divinity was so pure, it was, almost like sitting in front of Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash. After the abishekam, and alankaram(decorations) pooja were performed., Maha arathi was done after the recitatal of Thevaram at Swami sannidhi and Abirami andhadi at ambal sannidhi.

We did pradhakshana around the wide prakara, Sri Rengarajan, explained the special features of the sprawling temple premises and the temple authorities honored Maaji. After taking Prasad we left for Trichy. On the way back to Trichy, when we were crossing Thiruvaiyaru, suddenly the program changed, as Maaji wished to visit Saint Sri Thiyagaraja Jeeva Samadhi.


For all Carnatic musicians, Thiruvaiyaru is the dream place to visit and to sing at least one kirthan at Saint Sri Thiyagarajar’s Jeeva Samadhi. It turned out to be a pleasant shocking for me, as I was supposed to have come here with my Veena Guru 32 years ago, suddenly that happened now with GuruMaa. I sang one Thiyagarajar kirthan and Maaji also sang one bhajan. The 19 th generation pundit in the lineage of Sree Thiyagaraja, whose is taking care of the Samadhi, explained briefly about Saint Sree Thiyagarajar’s charitham. It was a life time experience for me and blessing from all Gurus for everyone.

On the way back to Trichy we visited Kallani, the oldest dam in India, built by King Kari Kala Chola, across the river Sree Kaveri.

After coming back to Trichy, in the evening we went to another oldest temple at Thiruvanaikaval, Sri Akilandeswari-Sri Jumbukeshvara temple, one of the Pancha Bhoodha Linga (Jal) Kshetra and Rockfort Manikka Vinayakar temple inside the city.

Next day we started towards Coimbatore, before leaving Trichy, we took Prokshala Snanam in Sree Kaveri river at Amma mandapam padithurai(ghat)....


At Coimbatore even though I was not very keen in visiting the temple, Maaji insisted, on visiting Sree Marudamalai Marugan temple, as Lord Sree Murugan, the residing deity here was the Gramadevatha of Coimbatore. After Darshan of Lord Sree Muruga, Maaji worshipped at Pambatti Chittar caves, wondered the Bhakti of Pambatti Chittar, who took snake form to have Darshan of Lord Sree Muruga, as he was not able to walk. (Pambu in Tamil means snake, Chittar in Tamil means realized soul).

Later, through the heavy rains, we went to 2000 year old Perur Sri Patteshwarar temple, one of the oldest temple in Tamil Nadu. The Swayambu Murthy, derived the name Sree Patteshwarar, as the Murthy was found by a Patti(cow). Here the Lingam and the base( Aavudai) were of square shape which we could not see anywhere in India. We were blessed to see the abishekam, archana and Maha arathi to Lord Sri Patteshwarar and Goddess Sri Maragathavalli Ambal. Here we were astonished to see the beautiful Natarajar, accompanied by Patti Muni and Koni Muni, two Chittars and the mandapam was decorated with 36 artistic pillars.

One more surprising feature was, the stala virukshas(trees) were called “Pirava Puliya maram and Erava Panai maram”. Meaning, the Seeds of the Tamarind tree (Puliya maram) would not produce a new plant in any fertile soil, and the Palm tree( Panai maram) here never died, and always in the same green condition for yuga yuga.....

Waiting for more such blessed Divya Darshans with Maaji.....🙏