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Sarvam Brahma Mayam,
Balsatya Vangamanam

Ramnath Venkatraman

Hari Aum!

What makes Bal Satya Vanagamanam so magically enjoyable and so fulfilling, as compared to the numerous picnics that we have attended all our lives?

It is the Grace of the Guru Parampara which enlivens and sanctifies every aspect of this close bonding with Mother Nature.  

The air in the morning of Friday, 8th Morning Balsatya Vangamanam , had the wonderful warmth of the Sun God, the cosy coolness of Wind God, the fine flavour of the heavens and earth as 90 happy faces stepped into the sprawling verdant Creek Park at 8.30 am.

The foundation of any Balsatya activity is Spirituality and we started the day with the invocatory prayer and Her Holiness Maa Purnanandaji's and  Manish ji's inspiring messages.

The Vangamanam Committee lead by Milind ji sprung into action.. aloo parathas, samosas, jalebis, special Kini saffron tea,  piping hot coffee and  juices invigorated everyone instantly.

Interesting introductions got everyone together.. ‘Vasudaiva Kutambakam’ indeed and then Creek Park became transformed into Gokul and Vrindavan, with children merrily running, playing games, climbing and sitting on flat tree trunks. 

And elders too burnt their calories and challenged each other in interactive fun games organized by Vinaya ji, ably supported by her young Balsatya daughter Vedika.

The sight of everyone gleefully playing, chatting, discussing amiably, was a feast for the eyes. The delight on the faces of grandparents who had come was absolutely palpable.

Janmadin cake for Manomay and Vivah Dinam, Anniversary cakes and songs for Uma Maheshwari and myself,  Shreya  and Anshuman added the icing on the cake indeed.

In other picnics, at lunch, people go straight for the food laid out but here we all chanted  the auspicious Purushottama Yoga .Chapter 15 of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, and prayer before meals that we learnt at SISS and then formed a disciplined queue towards the table full of fresh salad, tasty biryani , raita, rotis, aloo sabji, paneer, noodles, gulab jamuns.. lunch arranged by Divya and Sudheer ji

More games and networking followed by Tambola and prize giving, and a giggling group photograph on the green grass followed by a divine return gift of a copy of the Sree Ishwara Vandana CD during Maa's Shashtiabdhapoorti brought this wonderful day to an end with the prayerful chanting of Shanti Paath .. seeking for the well-being of all.

This is what makes Satyavrat Balsatya Vangamanam so natural and so ethereal.

Our sincere dhanyavaad to all who attended  and  to the selfless volunteers. The feeling of Samashti and totality dissolves our sense of individuality and ego and the outcome is Ananda.

Our heartfelt pranaams to Maa, our Divine Mother for bringing us closer to our true effulgent blissful Nature within and without.